Staying inside during quarantine can be a stressful. If you're like me, then you might be going a bit stir-crazy looking for anything to take your mind off of the current situation. For some people, having a glass of wine can do just the trick and Winc is here to help with their Summer Water Societé launch.  

What Is Winc's Summer Water Societé? 

Photo Courtesy of Winc

Making its return for the fourth year, Winc's Summer Water Societé is back. Summer Water Societé gives rosé lovers the chance to have their favorite drink sent directly to their doorstep in shareable bottles and limited-edition formats. 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, members will receive 4 exclusive shipments of the entire Summer Water Family. 

Here is what members will receive:

May - 4 Summer Water Bottles  

June - 24 Mini Droplets

July - 2 Summer Waters and 2 Bubbly Bottle 

August - 2 Summer Waters and 2 Keep It Chill Bottles

How To Become A Member

Photo Courtesy of Winc

To become a member of Winc's Summer Water Societé, you must be enrolled. Enrollment is open until May 15th. Starting at $87/month, rosé lovers can make sure they have enough of their favorite pink drink throughout the summer. 

Remember to drink responsibly!