Wine is part of my universal love language. Offer me a glass or bottle of wine, and I'll instantly like you. There are tons of different varieties of wine, and my personal favorites happen to be rosé and Riesling, although I'm down to have a glass or two of a strong red with a mean steak. The founders of the oh so popular wine brand have founded a new wine company that makes clean wines called The Wonderful Wine Co., which I'm here to talk about.

Deets, please. 

Photo Courtesy of Winc

The Wonderful Wine Co. is a wine brand that makes wines that are clean, naturally low sugar, low carb, vegan, paleo and keto-friendly, low sulfite, and vegan. The company is launching four wines to start, which include an "Argentinian Malbec Red, a clean and mineral focused white wine from France, a rosé blended from 50% Grenache, 50% Syrah, and more varietals. The Wonderful Wine Co. will also be releasing their limited-edition, Malvasia Bianca, rare orange wine - a white wine that is made like a red varietal with open-top fermentation techniques - available exclusively during pre-sale only," according to a press release. I should note that the orange wine will only be available during pre-sale, which started two days ago on May 18th and officially launches on June 1st.  The Wonderful Wine Co.'s Orange Party Pack which includes three to 12 bottles of Malbec, white wine, and Malvasia Bianca will be available on the website until June 1st, so now's the time to get your hands on it.

In terms of pricing, all of the wines will be available for purchase in options of a 3-bottle pack ($60), 6-bottle pack ($110), or 12-bottle pack ($215). What this means is that the more wine that you buy, the less expensive it'll be, but having done the math myself with the help of a calculator, I've calculated that all of the wine is still relatively affordable for the quality that company provides. 

With National Wine Day right around the corner on May 25th, and National Rosé Day coming up in June, now's the perfect time to order some wine for your own pleasure. You deserve it, because you work hard, and because wine's your friend.