There are holiday decorations in storefront windows, Christmas drinks at Starbucks and Santa Claus-themed candy lining the aisles of grocery stores. We need a wake-up call: It’s not December yet!

This Thursday, just like every last Thursday of November, is good ol’ Thanksgiving, remember that holiday? A day where it’s totally socially acceptable to stuff your face with as much food as possible. A day were you can sit on the couch after dinner in a lethargic food coma, and you’re not obligated to do anything but lay there and watch footfall. If Thanksgiving isn’t your favorite holiday, then maybe you should reconsider.

We need to face the truth that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s basically an entire holiday devoted to FOOD. And not dining hall grub or Chipotle, an actual, full-fledged meal cooked by your loving family (no one can top your mashed potatoes, Mom). You know you love pumpkin pie, I mean that’s why the Pumpkin Spice Latte exists, right?

There’s the argument that the December holidays are superior to Thanksgiving because of all the presents, but we’re a little old to be leaving milk and Christmas cookies out for Santa. Then there’s the eight days of Hanukkah presents, which really means two nights of real gifts, and six of socks and underwear I could just buy for myself at Target. Don’t get me wrong, I love candy canes, latkes and gingerbread cookies just as much as the next person, but there’s no point in rushing a good thing. It’s still November, and time for us to give thanks for what we appreciate most in our lives…. corn bread stuffing and sweet potato casserole (those charred marshmallows on top are also part of the season’s bountiful harvest).

The day after Thanksgiving is a holiday in itself too. If your family is anything like mine, it’s not humanly possible to not have a surplus of leftovers. There’s nothing better than a turkey and mashed potato sandwich on a dinner roll smothered in cranberry sauce or pie for breakfast.

Regardless of what your stance is in the Thanksgiving v. December holidays feud, don’t cut the Thanksgiving festivities short. Stuff your face, and remember to bring a change of sweatpants to your grandma’s house. Treat yourself to an extra slice of pie. Then after Thursday, I’d be happy to meet you for some snowman cookies and peppermint mochas.

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