Gaining weight in college is inevitable. Not just the infamous “freshman 15,” but the less talked about sophomore, junior and senior 15. For a majority of college students, gaining weight is ridiculously easy. Losing it however…not so easy.

Here’s why:

1. Dining Halls: Hey, I’m paying $60,000 a year for this food. I deserve this pizza. And this pasta. And this cheeseburger. And yes, I do want a side of fries.

2. Dessert Spreads at the D-hall: Five options? I must try them all… just to make sure they aren’t poisoned.

3. FinalsThe only way I can study an entire semester’s worth of material is if I reward myself with Sour Patch Kids. After every sentence I read.

4. Writing Papers: My brain only works after I’ve eaten at least 600 calories worth of chocolate.

5. Brunch: Nutella stuffed french toast? or Eggs Benedict? Obviously both.


Photo by Andrew Zaky

6. Mini Fridges: My fridge is mini; therefore, I must eat everything in it ASAP to make room for my roommate’s food. Not to mention, it is right next to my desk. Talk about convenient.


Photo by Andrew Zaky

7. Stress: Hellllo Ben and Jerry’s.

8. Parties: Beer is nothing without nachos smothered in cheese.

9. Insomnia: Cookies. Delivered. Until 2 am.


Photo by Andrew Zaky

10. Relationships: The best excuse for pigging out (not that I need one).

And the real reason why dieting in college is impossible?

Two words: Cookie Butter. 


Photo by Andrew Zaky

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