The sun is beaming down on your skin and your pores are quickly reciprocating by sweating out of places you didn’t even know could sweat. Sh*t it’s hot and this run is not going to last any longer, that’s for sure.

You are rounding the corner towards your house and all you can imagine is in t-30 seconds, you will be gulping down an ice cold glass of water. You think this will be the best thing to drink right after a long run in the scorching heat, but, believe it or not, you are advised to keep the ice out of your glass when trying to rehydrate after exercise.

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Some experts claim that drinking ice cold water right after a grueling workout can be a shock to your internal organs which are at a much warmer temperature than the water you are ingesting. They claim that ice cold water inhibits the body from optimal absorption in rehydrating your body. This is because our bodies reside around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and when we are drinking water that is much colder, our bodies have to use energy to warm up the water so it can be utilized throughout the body.

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Drinking ice cold water after an intense workout may be to blame if you are feeling extra exhausted or have cramps post-workout. Your body has to utilize extra energy sources to heat up the water which slows down the rehydration process, making you feel sluggish. Cramps may also arise due to the shock to your internal organs.

It is advised that after you workout, you should drink room temperature or cool water for optimal absorption throughout the body. By drinking room temperature or cool water, your organs and muscles will be replenished faster as the body doesn’t have to work as hard to heat up the water to be absorbed throughout the body.

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Next time you tap out of your workout and crave an ice gold glass of water, instead reach for a bottle of room temp water and maybe even utilize Guy Fieri’s water drinking technique.

Stay properly hydrated, homies.