Do you want to support a small business and enjoy something delicious? Only Child Chocolate Co. is the perfect one-stop shop. Yana Yakhnes's Portland-based business serves decadent candy bars with exciting flavors like white chocolate and Bergamont or milk chocolate and cayenne pepper. A sweet genius, Yana's Yakhnes's bars balance sweet and savory, in four perfect bites. If you're looking for an exciting study break, you should buy yourself a bar, or, better yet, make a care package for someone else because it turns out chocolate is good for you.

Yakhnes's punny titles and cute graphic designs make her chocolates just about the perfect gift for any occasion. Let's not forget the adorable packaging. Shipped out every Monday, each order is placed in a shiny red envelope or adorable white box with polka dotted packing tape. Inside is a delightful toy (currently monster finger toppers) and a party blower. So, toot your own horn or throw yourself a celebration because chocolate makes everything better.

Warning: tough decisions lie ahead. Here are the flavor profiles to help you find which Only Child Chocolate Co. bars to add to your cart. Can't decide? Try them all. 

Hedgehog in the Fog

Sweet and citrusy, Hedgehog in the Fog is a creamy white chocolate bar with soft vanilla notes and infused with the citrusy flavor of Bergamont, a cross between a lime and an orange. To cut the richness and creaminess, cracked black pepper is sprinkled on the back of the bar, making your lips tingle.

Best Fronds Forever

This spicy milk chocolate bar is a finalist for the 2020-2021 Good Food Foundation Confections Category Award. Sweet and with a kick, it's no wonder Best Fronds Forever is the perfect gift for any special frond or just to treat yourself. The light cocoa flavor has a silky smooth texture, embellished with crunchy coconut flakes and peanuts. Like a symphony, the sweetness of the milk chocolate crescendos with a punch of cayenne and a pop of fennel seeds. 

The Sun + The Sea

The best way to describe The Sun + The Sea is simply "crunch." A perfectly tempered and bitter dark chocolate is met with the creamy nuttiness of roasted sunflower seeds. The best parts are the flecks of sea salt that add a little brightness on the tongue. Plus, did you know dark chocolate improves your circulation, which in turn boosts brain power? So what I'm hearing is this bar makes you smarter.

Rosemary & Ginger Walk Into a Bar

If a chocolate could taste like Christmas, it would be Rosemary And Ginger Walk Into A Bar. The infusion of milk chocolate with sprigs of rosemary makes the milk chocolate feel as if it's been kissed by a Pine Tree. Tiny gems of ginger call forth the familiar flavors of gingerbread cookies. 

Rose-Colored Sunglasses

Everything is rosy when you eat this bar. The tart cranberry pairs perfectly with the delicate fragrant rose, forming a white chocolate product that is more than just sweet. Don't forget the pistachios, which are crunchy but creamy in the center. Rose-Colored Sunglasses tastes like a spring day when the sun is shining.

Pita The Great

Last but not least is Pita The Great. Perfect for the more adventurous eater, snappy dark chocolate is made even more exciting with fragments from everyone's favorite snack: pita chips. The Middle Eastern spices form a warmth that allows sweet and savory to exist all in one candy bar.

With so many dynamic flavor combinations, it's hard to know where to begin in this chocolate adventure. But chocolate is always the answer. The best thing to do is get started, place an order, break open a bar, and unwind. Enjoy a little dessert vacation.