Since Beyoncé lost 20 pounds in 2006 with the lemon-cayenne pepper-maple syrup elixir, all-liquid diets have become one of the biggest weight loss trends. Three to ten-day juice cleanses hit a particular popularity in 2014 — big companies like Arden’s Garden and Whole Foods began offering their own juicing programs, often costing participants over $60 a day.

Despite its popularity, juice cleanses are not as healthy — or even necessary — as advertised. The diets claim to rid the body of toxins, essentially speeding up the functions of the kidneys and liver, our body’s built in cleansing organs.

Restricting all nutrient and calorie intake to liquids leave dieters fatigued, with headaches, stomach pains and problems with digestion. The body is tricked into starvation, confusing the metabolism and causing more weight gain after the cleansing period. Most notably, however, extreme detox cleanses are scientifically unfounded.

Instead of wasting your month’s rent on gallons of juice you’ll likely only drink a cup of, try this safe and easy daily detox. Warm lemon water with turmeric actually aids digestion and the immune system while promoting healing and weight loss.


Photo by Caroline Liu

Lemon water naturally energizes without the jitters or calories of coffee. Turmeric is added as a nutritional supplement — the Indian spice is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, so it soothes sensitive stomachs and helps to fight depression and anxiety.

This drink is best served in place of your first cup of coffee. The warm water flushes the digestive system and rehydrates the body to prepare you for the day ahead. Lemon provides vitamin C and alkalinity to raise the body’s pH level, strengthening the immune system and helping your body fight of diseases.

This drink can even prevent cancer: Studies show cancer cannot survive in alkaline heavy-environments, and lemons are rich in alkaline. If the taste is initially too bitter, add a tablespoon of honey for sweetener.