On September 24th in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, the festival of your dumpling dreams took place. They were basically giving out tons of dumplings for $20. All the proceeds go towards Food Bank for New York City so you'll help feed others while feeding yourself. Every visitor was allowed 4 tastings per ticket and each vendor was giving out about 3-4 dumplings.

The Chicken Soup dumpling though flat and plain in appearance, held broth that burned the taste buds with flavor and actual warmth. Perfect for a festival in the fall, right? While you're wiping up that drool, here's some information about what you can expect if you decide to go next year.

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Tianna Blount

"There's a Chef in Everyone" was the motto of the 13th annual NYC Dumpling Festival. From feeding college students to food enthusiasts, the festival was also showing guests how to make their own dumplings as well #DIY. However, if you're burning with envy about being unable to attend the festival or self-conscious about your own cooking skills, here's a dumpling recipe to try in the comfort of your own kitchen.

If learning to make your own dumplings isn't enough to convince you to attend next year, then how about a dumpling eating contest? The contest was separated between the two sexes fighting for the first place prize of $2,000. From the Men's side, David "Tiger Wings n Things" Brunelli ate 89 dumplings in 2 minutes but it was Molly Schuyler who blew everyone out of the water with the new time record of 115 dumplings in 2 minutes. Maybe next year, you can pit your gut against the reigning champions.

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Tianna Blount

From Edamame dumplings via Brooklyn to Kung Pao chicken dumplings from Manhattan the choices, though limited are very unique. Every borough had a stand showcasing 3-4 kinds of dumplings. Though I didn't have time to visit all the stands, my favorite was Queens's Pork and Shrimp Shumai because the blend of pork and shrimp was unique. I'm also a huge shrimp lover.

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Tianna Blount

In the end, the Dumpling Festival is definitely an event I would recommend you put on your calendar for next year. In the meantime train your stomach and mind for the dumpling contest. Also, be aware that everyone loves food, so long lines are to be expected. Comfortable shoes and lots of patience are some things to think about while waiting in both hunger and anticipation for and during the next festival.