With endless screw ups now and then, cancelled Goa trips, work-a-loaded weekends and boring lives, if there is something that satiates our soul, it is food. And what if we came to know that there is a festival celebrating our beloved. Delhi is catching up with the Food Fests' trend and is coming up with a variety of these every now and then.

Check out these 8 reasons as to why you should not miss the next food fest happening near you.

1. All Cuisines Rolled In At One Place

Karan Kapoor

From Indian to Lebanese, Tibetan and Chinese, food fests are the one-stop place to devour on the various cuisines not only around the country but also the world. Pick and choose your favorite or mix and match your own brand of paradise in a platter.

2. Music And Chill

With our beloved (food) by our side, good music is just like nutella oozing out of golden waffles. *Drools Already*

Food fests are the canvas of live performances. From YouTube sensations to famous bands, you would not like to miss out on the fun. Drown yourself in the euphoria of music and enjoy the festive mood with the musical kind of high.

3. Because Variety Is The Spice Of Life

With crazy number of options to choose from, food fests are the perfect place if variety and uniqueness are what you crave. Food that pleases the soul and eyes will be served in your platter. Relish the delicacies. Enjoy chaat or pizaa, pasta or puri according to your mood.

4. Meet New People

Karan Kapoor

There is nothing better than food to bond over with people. With a crazy ambiance coupled with the food fever, you meet peeps with similar taste cravings as yours. Bond over beer or baked pasta, find your hungry for food soul mate at the food fest happening near you.

*Remember how Cheeku meets Anshul in PKP2*

5. It Celebrates FOOOOOOOOD

Dimple Hotchandani

If heaven exists in any form, it will be a place lined up with all kinds of food. A festival, that celebrates nothing else but food. The best place to escape with your gang. Food is an emotion which cannot be described but only experienced. #PerfectWeekendSolutionsGuaranteed.

6. Quirky Markets

Ayushi Gupta

From pretty stalls selling our favorite items to personalize shops that customize everything from books to bags. A lot of foods fests have such stalls dedicated to various homegrown brands and graceful products that we might not find easily.

7. Compete It Through

Karan Kapoor

Bigger and better competitions solely dedicated to food. Food eating challenges, beer binge matches as lip-smacking as we can imagine. You will find it all in a food fest. Catch your favorite doodling artist or gift yourself with elusive craft products. 

8. Save That Mile

Tired of travelling for long hours to relish on delicacies of your city? Save that mile and devour on everything your city has to offer,here. No need to travel for hours for just one dish. Food fests are the one stop place for everything tasty that your city has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for?

Rush to these iconic festivals,waiting for you, celebrating and cherishing food.