Moms are there to give us that extra loving when we are down. Love, Mom is there to give you that treat. 

Rachael Korman started Love, Mom after being laid off from her job in the early months of 2020. Now she is taking her brand to new heights. 

The Story

After graduating from University of Buffalo, Rachael went on to pursue a career in marketing. She got a job as a marketing manager, rented an apartment in Manhattan, and felt she was on the path that was expected of her. Queue the pandemic and her world came crashing down. Rachael's employer furloughed her and she was forced to give up her apartment and move back into her childhood bedroom.

Growing up, Rachael spent much of her time in the kitchen helping her mother make her specialty– Puppy Chow, a homemade treat made with cereal, chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar. In college, Rachael’s mom would send care packages containing a jar filled with the homemade treat, always with a handwritten note attached signed “xoxo Love, Mom”. 

Wanting to start anew, Rachael decided to take this sweet taste of home and share it with the world. Learning through Youtube videos and internet searches, she was able to teach herself how to build a website, use Business social media platforms, source products from manufacturers. "There's no shame in being down and seeing how hard you worked for so long to all at once be shut down," says Rachael, "You need to figure out how to teach yourself and start over."

2020 sure has been a crazy year, so let Love, Mom uplift your spirits and your tastebuds. With cute pink packaging, reusable jars, and free shipping, puppy chow from Love, Mom is the perfect gift. Each flavor has that melt-in-your-mouth quality that is seriously addicting. Trust me, your friends currently in quarantine with you will thank you. 

Emma Stoloff

Be sure to order their newest flavor, "Think Pink Mom", only for the month of October. With a portion of the proceeds going to the Young Survival Coalition, this fruity strawberry mix with white chocolate pearls is sure to put smiles on everyone's faces.