Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. Get involved in this food movement by starting your own chapter on campus, joining an existing one like ours at BSA Crescent or being a loyal fan. And hey, we’re also hiring, so you can make this thing your full-time job too.

1. Identify your skill/interests and sharpen them

College is the place where we realize and identify our passion and what better way to find out than joining an active community. BSA Spoon chapter is one such place that helps you to unleash your potential as a writer, photographer, videographer etc. Learn the art of making awesome content for the internet.

2. Know the current food trends around you:

Be it the cheapest food recipes to get cooking in your hostel room or the best places to hang out, you know where to come looking for it. Yes, Spoon University gives you all that you need to know about smart eating in college.

3. Networking

Haven't you heard the word quite a number of times by now? "Networking! Networking! Networking! Get to know people it will help,'' they would say. Connect with a community of like-minded people around the globe and make it fun. How you ask? Just slack it! Becoming a Spoon University member gives you the opportunity to network with a whole bunch of amazing college students just like you.

4. Become trending before the ending

This is your opportunity to become a known face on the internet. Come up with cool articles that will trend on the internet. If it is too cool, you may also get a chance to feature your work on websites like MSN, Teen Vogue, etc.

5. Grab the brownies

Starting a Spoon chapter and making it work can be quite a challenge and that is exactly why being a part of Spoon gives you the privilege of gaining brownie points in your resume. With skills like leadership, teamwork and communication being the most sought soft skills, you can hone all of these while being a part of the Spoon chapter at BSA.

6. The gate to greater opportunities

In order for people to identify your talents, you need to show them you can be awesome. Do what you love (experiment with food) at Spoon and this love will take you places. Yes, be it internships, training programs etc. be the first to know it. Spoon has collaborated with some major food giants and this gives you the opportunity to work with some amazing brands like Kelloggs, Hershey, etc.

7. The dopest food community

Be a part of major food events at your University that are absolutely fun to organize and be a part of. The Spoon University chapter at the University will be hosting an array of food events that are totally fun to be involved in.

8. Make an impact

Now that you know you are foodie, be a responsible/wise one. A responsible foodie loves to eat and helps others do the same. Influence others to enjoy food and healthy eating through your amazing work on your very own Spoon chapter website.

9. Get more serious about Spoon

While you enjoy being a Spoon member, you can take the experience to a whole new level and make it your career and well what better advantage than being a Spoon member.

So hurry up, visit Spoon University and join the amazing community of food enthusiasts.