As another school year begins and Red Foxes return to campus, new opportunities to learn professional skills are just about everywhere. Join our team at Spoon University Marist to share your love of food with your friends, family and the world. 

Spoon University at Marist is a student run chapter of an online publication that has become the food resource of our generation, dedicated to helping people be more informed about eating smartly, and eating happily. With articles that cover food news and trends, culinary hacks, original recipes, reviews and opinion, there's nothing we don't cover. 

Still not convinced? Here's five reasons that will do the trick.

1. You report on what you actually want to report on. 

Since our subject is food, that's exactly what you get to write about. In addition to your own pitches and pitches you claim from Spoon HQ, you'll be assigned to go to restaurants, show off your own recipes and share your food pics with the public eye. It's a great opportunity and major confidence booster, if I do say so myself.  

2. You learn to master social media and marketing skills. (See: Resume Booster)

Want to work on video projects for millions of people to see? Write articles that will inform the public about the next food trend? Plan a marketing strategy for an event on campus? These are just a handful of experiences that will add to your skill set, and resume. 

3. You have an excuse to eat food and think about food 24/7. 

Studying abroad? Going to NYC for the day? Headed to the diner at 2 am? Everywhere you go is a place to report tasty treasures for others to enjoy. Who knew work could be so fun?

4. Connections, connections, connections.  

Being a member of Spoon opens up doors to connect with members from other chapters across the country and across the globe. It's a great way to network and collaborate with other members within marketing and media production. Not to mention to chefs, nutritionists and food figures that Spoon features across the site. 

5. If you're a true foodie, you will shine. 

You're the person who always Instas their food. You're the person whose taste for adventure leads to all your friends trying something new. You're the person who people trust when they need a recipe. 

Spoon is a professional way to present your value of food—its reputation, its taste, its appearance, its significance—and yourself to the world. 

We have open positions for writers, photographers and video production. Apply here! If you have any questions, contact us at, I hope you join the food revolution.