A Letter From Your Founders:

Dear Fellow Dragons,

We present to you Drexel's very own chapter of Spoon University. It's our baby—and we're hella excited about it. Growing up as an Italian American means that food plays an important role in one's life. We both grew up Italian American, and learned from a young age that a little bit of figs, prosciutto, and good wine solve a lot of life's problems. And we hope to impart some of our hard-eaten wisdom onto you.

To Say We Like Food Is an Understatement

We adore food. We live in one of the culinary epicenters of the country. Some of the best restaurants in the US exist in our backyard. We want to create an environment for foodies like us to explore their own relationships with food and health in the City of Brotherly Love.

We love Drexel. We are both former athletes and love the familial feeling that a group of people can have. We aim to encourage an environment for students to have an outlet. For them to write the articles they want to write and start conversations about what they feel is important. Spoon University has allowed us to have a platform to learn beyond the classroom, whether it be writing articles in a coffeeshop or taking pictures out in Center City. This group is where people can meet new people, talk about new things, and explore new places...oh and eat some awesome food.

Sincerely Your Founders,

Emily Doris and Stephanie Thomas

*If you want to learn more about joining this awesome organization please reach out to us by emailing spoondrexel@gmail.com and follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the happenings of Spoon Drexel @spoon_drexel.