At USask, we take pride in our sense of community and accomplishment. Our alumni have achieved some incredible feats, like winning a Nobel Prize, competing at the Olympics, and becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. Pretty cool, eh?

Do you have the desire to leave your own legacy at the University of Saskatchewan? Then read on, because becoming a member of Spoon University may be the opportunity you've been searching for.

Spoon University

Spoon University is the ultimate food resource for our generation—a place where foodies can unite and take photos of their food without judgement. You'll hear about the latest food crazes before the rest of the world, learn the most INSANE life hacks, and witness epic behind-the-scenes footage from Saskatoon's local dining scene. Talk about #epicness.

What benefits do our members receive? 

1. Leadership skills


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Right now, Spoon Usask has the potential to become whatever we want it to be! By joining, you can have a voice in establishing a tradition for years to come. There are TONS of ways to get involved—writing, interviewing, photographing, photo and video editing, acting, script writing, recipe creating, marketing, poster design, recruitment, organizing social events, contacting companies. I guarantee there is something for everyone.

If you have an idea for a rad article or project, Spoon members will be there to support you every step of the way.

Directorial positions are available for those who want to take their role at Spoon even further. 

Plus, your involvement looks great on a resume #bonus. 

2. Take your writing, photography, and video editing to the next level

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Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned pro, or anything in between, passionate and enthusiastic individuals are exactly what the Spoon USask team needs. Our Directorial Squad would love to share their knowledge and expertise to help every member reach their full potential. We're all in this together.

3. Meet like-minded individuals

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Spoon is open to every student, regardless of their major or area of interest. By joining, you are guaranteed to meet a very diverse group of students, united by their passions for food, nutrition, and health. Developing a strong group dynamic through social outings, staff meetings, and epic food-related events will help foster new friendships and relationships.

4. Unique Opportunities

Have you ever wondered if you can survive solely on protein bars? Need to upgrade your mac n' cheese game? What really goes into running a food blog? Ever wanted to be a Ben & Jerry's Intern? Or what it’s really like to be a famous food photographer? Spoon University has all these answers... and so many more!

If you’ve ever wanted to get to the truth about food, Spoon Members have means, resources, and mindset to make it happen.


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Need I say more? So what are you waiting for? Visit and request an application today! 

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