When I first was introduced to Spoon University I had no idea what it was or what they did. At my college, during a mentor training, the first activity was to write your name on a name tag and draw three things that represent you. I drew a paint pallet, coffee, and a camera. I didn’t know that in that very room, I was going to meet one of my best friends who wanted to start a chapter at our college together.

He noticed that I love photography and coffee and automatically told me about Spoon University. Had Is not met him on that day during that training, I wouldn’t have joined such a great community filled with talented people who enjoy talking about food, culture, health, wellness, etc. I’m very thankful that I became part of such community and hope to continue to be part of it during my post-college career and beyond.

Flash forward to how things are going for my chapter right now: We publish our content on our own, have published 11 articles, distributed published articles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat, have 13 members at UMass Boston and 15 members through Secret Sauce, and keep in contact with Spoon HQ throughout this whole process.

I’m sure that right now you’re asking yourself these questions: Why should I join Spoon University UMass Boston? What can I get out of it if I decide to join? How do I apply? Well, hold on to those questions because they’ll be answered shortly.

Finally, here are the reasons to why you should join the fun and foodie life as you experience the journey of the Spoon University at UMass Boston (Spoon University UMass Boston).

Sarah Silbiger

1. Be Creative

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Aakanksha Joshi

Spoon University is all about showing your creative side. Whether it’s taking amazing pictures of sushi, writing funny articles that’ll make the audience laugh their socks off, or creating videos about the uses of a spoon. You can be as creative as you want to be and experiment with so many tools that’ll make your skills and abilities shine like stars.

Plus, this will give you a chance to show the world what you can do and not have to be constrained by time, writing requirements, word count, etc. Most importantly, you can share your thoughts and ideas in a unique way to represent your chapter, your college, your community, and yourself. Be creatively you!

2. Gain Experience & Have Fun

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Becky Hughes

Before being a part of Spoon University, I never would’ve realized how much experience I would gain from writing articles, connecting with others, sharing ideas and thoughts, and talking about food. It’s so much fun to write about my interests and share my own personal experiences with other students.

Also, it’s so exciting when a piece of content gets published, and you can brag with every one of your friends about that amazing article that you just wrote. Doesn’t that seem fun? Not to mention that everyone in the world would also be able to see your work. That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

3. Share Your Stories With Others

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Kelley Buck

Spoon University is a great place to share your story. You have a voice, so let it be heard from the mountain tops! Let’s say you want to write an article about the different M&M's colors, then go ahead and write that thing! Want to take photos at Starbucks and talk about your favorite drinks that you order? Then by all means, grab a cup of coffee and start taking photos (and writing)!

This organization let’s you tell your story the way that you talk and write which sounds great and not even a hassle. Plus, it’s not like you’re writing a 12 page paper on the American Dream. Take your time and tell the story the way you want people to know about. Be the storyteller of your work and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love.

4. Connect With Other Foodies Internationally

Carolyn Prieto

By using Slack, you can share your articles, thoughts, questions, and ideas with other foodies from all over the world. This is such a great resource to use if you have any burning questions to ask someone or have a brilliant idea but don’t know if it sounds good to others or not. What’s also great is that you can connect with others from other countries such as India, Mexico, Guatemala, Amsterdam, Delhi, Hong Kong, London, and so much more!

5. Marketing, photography, videography, social media, and writing skills, oh my! But really, need I say more?

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Denise Uy

By being part of Spoon University, you can learn so many skills that’ll benefit you in the future. If you’re someone that loves to learn new skills and tricks on how to be successful, then you should DEFINITELY join Spoon University UMass Boston.

Through Secret Sauce, depending on your role in your chapter, you can learn how to take professional photos, shoot videos, write articles, skills on posting on social media platforms, and so many other skills. But you can acquire these skills and abilities whether you are a founder, writer, photographer, videographer, or marketer. These are really going to come in handy when you need them the most.

6. Work Directly With Spoon HQ

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Susanna Tuan

Through the process of joining Spoon University UMass Boston, you can contact Spoon HQ if you have any thoughts, questions, ideas on events that our chapter wants to plan, and how the chapter is going so far as well as what needs to be done for it to be successful.

From my experience so far, I know that if I have any questions or concerns, then I can contact Spoon HQ and they would help as much as possible to the best of their ability. Also, if the chapter is working on articles and needs another set of eyes, then someone from HQ would be there to take a look and provide helpful suggestions on the improving content. Spoon HQ has definitely been a great support system for our chapter. So thank you Spoon HQ and Never Forks!

7. Create, Publish, Share!

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Mackenzie Patel

That’s probably the best thing about being a part of Spoon University. Creating content is relaxing and rewarding. Once you work on an article, photo, or video, it then gets published and finally shared in the US and around the world. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? So even if you write about your experience of drinking coffee at home, that piece would be viewed in the US as well as by people around the world.

8. Make New Friends

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Jaime Wilson

It’s great to make new friends along the way. I work with two of my best friends to pull off amazing articles, posts, and photos! Before Spoon, I didn’t even though them. Now, it’s more like we talk constantly and provide positivity to one another as well as creating a support system that’ll never break. If you decide to join Spoon University UMass Boston, you’ll make new friends who will be there to support you in every way even if they make fun of you from time to time.

If you want to join in the fun, click here to apply for Spoon University UMass Boston!