Have you ever wanted to gush about your favorite meal and restaurant, glorify your mom's home-made meals, or even share a personal recipe? If so, you should join SpoonU at SLU!

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Luna Zhang

This online food publication gives you the opportunity to talk about all things food. You can broadcast this information via writing, social media, video, etc. SpoonU serves as a creative outlet that allows you to express your adoration for food and share it with millions of people. SpoonU creates a special community that stimulates respect and understanding for other cultures and experiences that may be foreign to you. This global organization allows you to share food related content that can be unique to your school or can broaden its horizons and benefit people from other countries or even just a state over.

Our SLU chapter has an appetite for growth and the incorporation of diverse perspectives about cuisine, as well as the honest truth about what its like to be a college student and the role food plays in our lives. We would love to hear and learn about what you have to offer to our SpoonU chapter here at SLU. Bon appétit!

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Angela Pizzimenti