One of the biggest perks to being a student on the Pace Westchester campus in Pleasantville, NY is that there are hundreds of clubs available for students to join. With the process to create your own club being as simple as it is, we make sure that there is something for any and every student here. Spoon University is one of those things.

New to the Westchester campus, Spoon University was recently funded by the Student Government Association and the club's members are in the process of creating a strong foundation for years to come. 

As a member of Spoon University on the Pace Westchester campus, you get access to great things like cool events, networking opportunities, content creation experience and free food.

Not convinced? See what current members of the Spoon chapter at Pace Westchester have to say about it:

What made you want to join our Spoon Chapter?

Jessica Henderson, Writer: I used to look for recipes online while in high school and happened to come across Spoon one day. I thought it was really interesting and would visit every once in a while. Then when I came to Pace and went to the campus involvement fair, I saw a table for Spoon and got excited that there was a chapter at our school and decided to join. 

Victoria Scalanga, Marketing Director: I love food. I followed Spoon University's main account and thought it was amazing how students wrote for other students on anything food and life related. When I found out Pace had a chapter, I joined to explore all this organization could offer such as experience and memories. There is a creative and exciting side to content coming directly from students. We are the minds of the chapter designing inventive ways to communicate with our generation about places to eat, or just getting through college. 

How do you feel about our chapter?

Rebecca Newman, Writer: I feel like the people in our chapter are very passionate about what they are doing for the chapter.

Jessica Henderson: I feel like our chapter has a lot of potential and I can't wait to keep growing and creating content.

Victoria Scalanga: Our chapter is doing great because we are rebuilding what was started. We are attracting new members and creating great content thus far. It would be wonderful to continue to experiment with new, inventive ways to show all we are about. 

What are you looking forward to as our chapter moves forward?

Jessica Henderson: We were recently funded so I can't wait to be hosting events on campus and growing our chapter. I also can't wait to collaborate with businesses outside of campus. We have done a bit of outreach already, but I can't wait to grow our relationship with local businesses.

Victoria Scalanga: I cannot wait for articles to be posted every week because we have so many writers. I am eager to see the events planned for our spring semester. We have so much potential and can reach it with the right enthusiasm.

Rebecca Newman: I am looking forward to seeing the chapter grow more and have more content out on a regular basis.

The Spoon University chapter at Pace Westchester is fairly new and is heading in the right direction. We are always looking for new writers, photographers, marketers and videographers. We are excited to keep expanding our team and our reach in order to become a common name on campus. 

Looking for more of the Spoon chapter at Pace Westchester? You can find us on Instagram and Twitter

Interested in joining our Spoon chapter? Apply today. We're always looking to grow our family of foodies.