Spoon University is an amazing, thriving community of foodies, that is completely open for any and every student contribute to. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, writer, editor, marketer, or just love food, you should consider joining Spoon at McMaster. You can gain an incredible experience, make some awesome friends, and have a lot of fun. Read on and I will persuade you why you should join Spoon at McMaster!

Share Your Insight:

Whether your cooking abilities are limited to pouring cereal or you make soufflés on the regular, everyone has something to offer. Everyone has individual skills to offer, so share your expertise of cooking, baking, fitness, restaurants with the rest of campus and the Spoon Community. 

An Excuse to Explore Hamilton's Food Scene:

Hamilton has dozens of fantastic cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to try, and it is Spoon McMaster's mission to find the absolute best food in our city. What better reason to try every new spot than for "research."

Make More Friends Who Love Food As Much As You:

Talia Moretti

No matter what role you want to take on with Spoon at McMaster, you'll get to collaborate with a bunch of other Marauders. And it is so much more fun to cook and enjoy food with friends. Join Spoon and have an automatic group of taste testers and brunch buddies to have culinary adventures with!

Boast About McMaster and Hamilton:

Hamilton often gets a bad reputation from those who have never lived here. But ask almost any person who has lived here for a few months or their entire life and they will happily list all of the reasons why they love the Hammer.

Whether it is our breathtaking waterfalls, cute neighbourhoods, or booming food scene, there is lots to love in Hamilton. So let’s crush any negative stereotypes and share with other Canadian universities—and the world—why Hamilton is so individual and wonderful!

Convinced yet? Apply now to join Spoon at McMaster here!

Talia Moretti