It’s official—Spoon University has made its way to Marymount Manhattan College, and it’s here to stay. Spoon U is pretty much every college student’s dream. Where else can kids like us find amazing sources on food, wellness, and lifestyle? The MMC chapter is made up of a dedicated team of students who strive to make healthy living accessible one tasty article at a time. Need any more proof that Spoon MMC is the place for you? Here are seven reasons why you should join.

Um, the food.

Spoon University is the mecca of all things nutritious and delicious, and the MMC chapter strives to give students the very best of New York City cuisine. Pizza and pasta and bubble tea, oh my.

The limitless possibilities.

As a member of the team, you’ll have the ability to taste, experience, and read about fun places to eat and explore. Not only will Spoon MMC widen your taste bud experience, but it’ll give you tips and techniques for living on your own in the Big Apple.

It’s made by and for college kids.

Not only is it all about good food, but it’s relatable and easy to read — which means it's simple to try stuff at home! The idea of spreading recipes that are budget-friendly and easy to make is so important for college students, as well as being able to go out to all the cool new places that are popping up every day.

Healthy food is what we’re all about.

Our chapter is an advocate for spreading awareness of good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Thanks to Spoon, we are going to be able to share healthy, yummy foods that we, as college students, can buy and even make ourselves.

So. Many. Opportunities.

Spoon University is an incredible way to get involved on your college campus. We encourage new applicants to experience the feeling of being able to express your ideas freely without any judgement.

Oh, did someone say “résumé?”

Along with countless other experiences you’ll be gaining from joining the team, the opportunity to dazzle on any job application seems to be a pretty awesome perk. With the position of Spoon MMC member under your belt, you’ll have no trouble earning brownie points with future employers.

Point blank, it’s a good time.

The college experience is all about trying new things and escaping your comfort zone — so what’s stopping you? Whether you’re majoring in business, public relations, or musical theatre, there’s a spot for everyone. The ball’s in your court.

Click here to apply now, and follow us on Instagram at @spoon_mmc.