Do you love food? Are you good at writing, using social media, taking videos or editing photos? Spoon University at Clarion is the place for you!

Getting involved and gaining experience are two of the most important things you can do in college. Spoon is the perfect opportunity for you to show your creative side and become a part of a large community of food-obsessed, entertaining people. We want YOU to work with us.

At Clarion, Spoon is just commencing. It's an exhilarating time of growth for us. We would love to involve you and your friends in the process of becoming a great student association, focused on having fun and producing good content. Our school and town may be small, but it can have a lot to offer.

Kaitlyn Mulligan

What can you do as a part of Spoon at Clarion University? Well, we've got you covered.

1. Create content about anything you want

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Luna Zhang

As long as it's food or wellness related, the topic is up to you. Make a video about a unique way to make tea. Write about hangover cures. Explain some dorm recipes that require little space/resources. Review restaurants like Bob's Subs, Daddy's or other Clarion classics. The choice is up to you!

2. Get yourself out there

Kaitlyn Mulligan

By joining Spoon, you can perfect your writing, photography, videography and marketing skills for your future. No matter what you want to do after you graduate, having published content looks good on any resume. Being able to put yourself out into the world with a real company that produces real content could give you a huge boost.

3. Be a part of the Spoon community

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Spoon University

Spoon University can be described as one word: Fun! We have fun and want to share it with you. Meeting new people, making food with others and learning about cooking techniques or snack ideas. 

At Clarion, we want to grow our group and do things that you want to do! Show us what you're passionate about and we will find a way to make it happen. But even beyond Clarion, Spoon offers you a community of worldwide contributors to learn from and become friends with. These activities are just scratching the surface of the cool, interesting group we can have.

You only have so much time in college to have fun, gain experiences and feed yourself. Do it all with Spoon University at Clarion!

Interested? Apply here.

Gail Rabasca