Spoon University was brought to campus and you should be excited! It's a club that has meetings that you'll actually want to go to because there will be free food. Did I sell you with the "free food?" Writing articles for Spoon may sound intimidating and hard, but it's more fun than anything. If eating good food is a big priority in your life, you already qualify! Even if it isn't, here are reasons why you should join Spoon at Cal Lutheran.  

1. I know you have free time where you just sit in your dorm. Use that time more wisely!  

Instead of binge-watching Netflix and feeling like your free time went to waste, write meaningful articles for Spoon. It's not like a school assignment because it's actually fun writing the articles that you pitched. You can even write articles while watching Netflix and eating a bag of chips. It's a win-win.

2. Are you hungry or just bored? If you're bored, you should probably join Spoon. If you're hungry, you should still join Spoon! 

Everything can relate back to food. And when we talk about food, we need to talk about it at Spoon Cal Lutheran. Being bored and finding things to eat can be useful because you can write an article about it.

3. It's an excuse to eat.

Go to your local spots to find new places to eat, as well as the classic favorites around town. I'm sure many of our parents are saying, "Stop spending money on food!" Now you have an excuse to say, "Mom, it's for school." 

4. You can try new things. Learn how to make dank recipes

Emily Gordon

Find recipes that other college students are making. There's a high chance that you can make them too. It's also a good excuse to eat at new restaurants. Has anyone tried Poke Land? It's also a good way to stay updated on recent trends. Ice cream diet, anyone?

5. It looks good on your resume. Either as a leader or a writer/photographer, you learn so many skills! 

Things you learn: How to collaborate, work with a team, lead a team, write articles, take pictures, make videos, and most importantly, EAT. Learning becomes fun and never something to stress over. Not to mention, the resume boost since that's what we need to make it into the "real world."  

6. Everyone's talking about it. Hop on the bandwagon, but also be the start of something great. 

Even though everyone is joining Spoon, everyone's content is different. Be the person that's known for doing something out of the ordinary. You could be known as "the girl who made her own alcohol in her dorm room." LOL! (Just kidding... don't bring alcohol on campus...).

7. Meet new people.

We may all recognize almost everyone in passing, but we're not actually friends with everyone. Here's another option for meeting new people and finding people with the same interests as you!  

8. Why not?

How bout you just do it? Trust us, you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should join Spoon at Cal Lutheran. Spoon gives you endless opportunities and is an awesome way to connect with people on campus. So, if you like to eat food, and everyone does, join Spoon at CLU! To check out our articles and to apply, click here