A recently popular drama series in South Korea called “She Was Pretty” has captivated viewers with its romantic and thrilling plot line. One memorable plot point is the main character’s unique choice of pet: an onion. A growing trend amongst fans of this drama has been to imitate the main character and post pictures of their own onion pets.

While this may seem puzzling at first, the idea of a pet onion might actually be pretty useful. There are all kinds of home remedies that claim onions can help prevent the flu and other small illnesses. Now, whether all this is true or not is a totally different question, but what do you have to lose from trying? Onions do have some scientifically proven health benefits that deserve to be acknowledged.

Onions help relieve sinus pressure

Pet onion

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Onions can relax the mucus as well as deplete the phlegm held in your nose. The chemicals in onions improve the function of Vitamin C in the body, thus boosting your immune system. In addition to other flu-fighting foods, onions can also help you get over colds.

Onions can lower stress

Pet onion

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Onion pets, just like humans, have bad days. Luckily, these pets release quercetin, a pigment found in some plants, that acts as a sedative. This can help reduce pain, depression, and anxiety.

Onions help ease digestion

Pet onion

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Inlulin is a fibre present in onions that is a beneficial food source for good bacteria in the intestines. These healthy bacteria promote digestion. In addition, the thiosulfinates present in onions help to fight harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.

Onions can make your skin healthy

Pet onion

Photo by Aurelie Corinthios

Antioxidants prevent skin from getting wrinkles and fine lines. Onions also help the treatment of acne due to its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Even during exam times, you can have fair skin. You can even learn how to do facials using onions by checking out this article.

Onion love isn’t exactly a new thing. Onions have been a staple food ever since prehistoric times. In Egypt, Pharaohs were buried along with onions, which symbolized eternity, and they were considered objects of worship. In the middle ages in Europe, onions were prescribed for medicinal reasons to cure headaches, snake bites, and even hair loss.

So onions may have gone from an exalted food to one often avoided due to causing bad breath, but I say that it’s time to put these little fellas’ magical powers back to good use.