Bottled water is definitely nothing like we all think it is. It’s dirty, dirty, and… more dirty. And, as this Spoon article discovered, it’s also a scam. We’re much better off filling up our own water bottles with the pure stuff straight from the Brita. But what happens when our own personal water bottles are just as bad?

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We’ve all been told that reusable plastic water bottles are environmentally responsible and much better than bottled water, which they are. But reusable plastic also has its own issues — and that’s why you should go glass. Here is a list of reasons to ditch that plastic water bottle for good:

Plastic Water Bottles Contain BPAs

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Which you might not think you should care about, but you definitely should. BPA, or bisphenol A, is an estrogen-mimicking industrial chemical. You don’t even have to know what that means to know that it’s scary. What’s worse? BPA cannot be removed from plastic. Now do you care?

Those Chemicals Leach Into the Water You Drink

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Everyone loves their Brita. And if you go to school in a city like I do, you should probably invest in one. Tap water can be gross. But even that clean and filtered Brita water can get contaminated once it enters that plastic water bottle. Think about it: after so many uses, those chemicals have got to go somewhere…

Glass Bottles Really Don’t Break as Easily as Everyone Thinks They Do

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Let’s be real here: Manufacturers that make glass water bottles are not trying to scam you like Apple does with their glass iPhone screens. They’re made of extremely thick glass, and most come with a protective rubber covering, like these.

Buying Glass is Environmentally Responsible

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They literally last forever. If you paid attention in Bio or Environmental Science (luckily for you, I did), you know that plastic is insanely bad for the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used forever.

Glass Literally Doesn’t Taste Like Anything

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You know that nasty taste your water gets when it’s been sitting in a plastic water bottle for too long? Or that metallic taste that comes from those cheap bottles we all got at our school’s welcome weekend? Glass is taste-neutral so nothing affects the quality of your water.

And if You Even Need Another Reason, They Look Really Sweet

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Not only can you feel good while drinking from them, but you can look good, too. Get this one here.