There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning and taking that first sip of coffee. But you're beginning to grow tired of the same old boring flavors. However, with Nespresso coffee makers and pods, you can make that first sip more pleasurable and gourmet than ever before. 

What is Nespresso? 

Nespresso is the first and only design that is able to bring coffee straight from the café, right into your own kitchen. With a diverse range of flavors and levels of strength, you can start your day however you choose. Flavors from the Vertuo Collection, such as Elvazio and Melozio promote energy and relaxation, where other flavors like French Vanilla satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Keeping Up With the Coffee Fad

Drinking coffee is now such a huge trend that its constant consumer demands seem to meet no end. Nespresso, however, has no problem keeping its customers happy and their palates satisfied. 

Constantly delivering with new seasonal flavors, you're guaranteed to never get bored. Their limited edition holiday pack, containing flavors like pumpkin spice cake, banana bread, and gingerbread, keeps your coffee selection diverse from day-to-day. My new personal favorite is the Paris Madeleine because it has the subtle, yet sweet taste of French macarons. I usually prepare it with a pump of chocolate syrup, almond or coconut milk, and one Stevia for that extra hint of sweetness. You can explore other recipes and variations for any capsule flavor here

Go Green

Still not sold on Nespresso? Well get this: Nespresso is also green. That's right— Once you use up all your capsules, you send them back to the company to be recycled. Here's how it works: The recycling partners separate the aluminum from the coffee grounds. The aluminum gets melted down into new aluminum products like water bottles, cans, etc. Finally, the coffee grounds are composted into high-quality soil that goes to landscapers, garden centers, municipalities, and homeowners. Just purchase a recycling bag with your order and once it's filled to the brim with used capsules, drop it off at the nearest UPS location or Nespresso Boutique. Who knew that drinking coffee could also save the environment? 

Nespresso Grows Worldwide

From Arabia to Uganda to Ethiopia to Columbia, you're guaranteed the finest quality of coffee blends with every sip you take. Each farm is environmentally friendly and uses advanced milling techniques to preserve the coffee's taste and aroma. The complexity of the mills can save the workers up to 4 hours of processing per day; Not to mention, Nespresso has also partnered with the Fair Labor Association, a non-profit committed to protecting workers' rights and improving working conditions worldwide. 

So with that, I'm sure you're absolutely itching to hear how Nespresso makes coffee happen. Here's the process they use to harvest the coffee beans globally: 

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1. Once farmers have handpicked red coffee cherries, they deliver them to the mill.

2. A member of the mill takes a sample of the cherries and assesses how many red and green ones there are. Red cherries are the best, as they’re ripe and juicy.

3. The cherries are put into a machine with rollers, which take off their skin and outer pulp. The pulp is processed and distributed among the farmers to use as compost, another environmental benefit. The tightly controlled production process also ensures a high-quality bean.

4. As the beans are still covered in a “mucilage” (a sticky layer), they’re put into large fermentation tanks for 12 to 24 hours to remove it while capturing all the delicious fruity taste. The tanks are cylindrical, which means they’re easier to clean and less water is used. The beans are now known as parchment coffee.

5. The coffee beans are then sun-dried on patios about 20 minutes from the mill, where it’s much less rainy. The patios have a plastic roof, and sides which can be opened during the day and closed at night when the temperature drops. It takes around five days to sun-dry the parchment coffee.

6. The mill treats the wastewater generated from processing the cherries, so there’s no water pollution. The mill also saves a staggering 4.2 million liters of water a year, as farmers are no longer doing their own processing

Are you starting to see it now? Nespresso coffee is like no other. It's sustainable quality, delicious range of blends, and smart technology makes it the leader in its industry. So if you don't have a Nespresso, run to the nearest boutique or order online to get 50% off your first Vertuoplus machine. Order by December 20th to receive your purchase by Christmas, and give the gift of coffee this holiday season.