As an avid watcher of YouTube and lover of food, I like to watch my fair share of food videos. One day I stumbled upon Binging with Babish and immediately became hooked. The channel is all about recreating foods from movies and tv shows so we can all finally indulge with our favorite characters.

What is Binging with Babish?

The channel was created and is run by Andrew Rea where he puts up videos on how to recreate food from movies and tv shows. He has done everything from Milk Steak from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Pancakes and Coffee from Twin Peaks. The channel also has a new series called Basics with Babish where Rea teaches the basics of cooking. This series talks about how to make homemade pasta or cook chicken the best way, to super simple things like how to cook eggs.

Why You Should Watch It

Binging with Babish is a fun food escape and you can learn to make a bunch of killer recipes. You can learn to cook all the food from all your favorite shows, like the Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger from Bob's Burgers, while you follow along with the videos recreating the food from your favorite shows and movies. Or you can start to learn the basics of cooking by following Basics with Babish. If you want to know what you should always have in your kitchen or the bar essentials you need, Babish has a video for you.

So let the binging begin, and check out Binging with Babish. It will take you into the fantasy world of tv and movie food you won't ever want to leave.