Game of Thrones addict or not, you get the gist. Unfortunately, GOT season 7's release date is still TBD, but the students of UF have something else to be hype about — the grand opening of Vale Food Co. on March 1, 2017.

For those of you who don't already know about Vale, you're welcome. It's about to blow your mind. This Tallahassee-based restaurant targets the stereotypical millennial — one who wants to eat healthy without spending like crazy. Vale opened over a year ago on FSU's campus and has changed Talla-nasty to Talla-tasty. Bad joke, but you get the point. 

So you're wondering, "what's so great about Vale?" There are healthy options at all restaurants, right? Sure, but what separates Vale from your run-of-the-mill college town restaurant is the trifecta embedded in its mantra: affordable, healthy food that tastes good and is completely customizable. Before you check it out, learn some more about the company and why it'll be Gainesville's new hot spot.

1. You don't have to be a millionaire to eat here.

As I mentioned, Vale understands the typical college student's budget. You're studying hard and as a result, your bank account is pretty low. At the same time, you're seriously missing Mom's home-cooked meals. Vale's got you covered. Good food, great price.

2. You'd never know how healthy it is.

Açai bowls, buffalo mac n' cheese and avocado toast are among many of Vale's favorite dishes. Designed for a health nut with great taste, these dishes will satiate your hunger without loading you up on carbs. Here's the best part: everything still tastes incredible. Who would've thought?

3. Flash deals all the time? Yes, please!

Did I mention you don't have to break your bank account at Vale? In addition to full meals under $10, Vale offers flash deals on its Snapchat account (@valefoodco). Peeping on everyone's Snap story can be fun, but it's twice as fun when you're saving money. We're talking big time deals here.

#SpoonTip: Add Vale on Insta (@valefoodco) for more info about deals and a sneak peak at the menu! 

4. Everything is customizable.

You can order your dinner just the way you want it, and you don't even have to make it yourself. Dine in with some friends, or take it to go. Either way, you're guaranteed to like your meal because you're the one who made it (kind of).

5. You'll be a trendsetter.

The extensive menu offers unique food choices and combinations that are guaranteed to improve your social media game. Insta-worthy photos aren't the only trendy things you'll take away from Vale, though. The overall atmosphere is unlike that of your average college town restaurant. Spread the news to your friends about this gig. They won't want to miss out!