Normally eggshells are usually tossed in the trash and completely forgotten about. But we may be too quick to throw away the shells when finished. The outside of an egg is as completely edible as the inside. In fact, the shells may even be more nutritious than the yolk.

Eggshells contain up to 27 different vitamins and minerals including important ones such as:

  • calcium (important for bone health)
  • magnesium (maintain nerve and muscle function)
  • glucosamine, collagen, and hyaluronic acid (for joint health & elasticity)
  • potassium (for maintaining fluid balance and proper function of all cells)

As a great source of calcium, eggshells are composed of 95% calcium carbonate and up to 90% absorbable in humans. Just one 1/2 teaspoon of powdered eggshells contain about 400 mg of calcium to support bone health. They can be used in osteoporosis treatment to remineralize bones and even decrease pain.

Interestingly enough, since the composition of eggshells are very similar to our teeth and bones, this may suggest that they can be a natural way to heal cavities and remineralize teeth.


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To start incorporating eggshells into your diet, use high-quality organic pasteurized eggs are best. Take your shells from a boiled egg or raw egg, let it dry, bake them in oven at 200°F for 15 minutes to kill any lingering bacteria, and then crush into a powder.

Add eggshell powder to smoothies or as a pizza topper, and you won’t even taste the difference. Even adding it to your ground coffee before brewing can lessen the acidity and lower the need for added sugar. To have a perfectly balanced nutrient-dense meal, enjoy your eggs with the shells.

If you’re still not sold on eating the shells, at least consider saving them for helpful uses such as a non-abrasive dish cleaner. Eggshells can be used for everything from unclogging drains to a nutrient-rich fertilizer to soil.

Whether you consider on eating the shells or not, just don’t throw them out. You will be doing the Earth a big favor.