I have to admit, I love a good piece of meat. When the very first video of Salt Bae came out, my mouth was drooling while I watched him perfectly prepare a steak. Not to mention his signature salt-sprinkling technique.

Salt Bae, actually named Nusret Gökçe, became an internet sensation overnight with just one video. He's an amazing chef that everyone has been talking about and lets face it, you know you have too. If you aren't obsessed with Salt Bae yet, you better hurry before you're too late.

1. He Can Cook 

Have you ever had a man cook for you? Guesses are it was something simple, bland, possibly out of a box or already prepped. Salt Bae doesn't settle for grocery store meats. He first preps by cutting his own meat straight from the cow, lamb or pig.

He then perfectly butchers the meat to cut away excess fat because he knows that no one like eating a chewy piece of fat. Seared or grilled to perfection, Nusret cuts the meat and finishes the cooking with his signature salt technique. 

2. His Salt Technique

After all, this is how Nusret received his name as "Salt Bae." Chances are you have seen this as a meme or video at least five times in the past month. From Faceboook to Twitter to Instagram, this has been posted everywhere.

Whenever Salt Bae serves meat, he finishes off the dish by delicately sprinkling salt so that it lightly falls onto the meat. Have you ever been to a restaurant where the salt pours out way too fast from the shaker? Or the shaker is empty and by the time the waiter gives you a filled one your meal is cold? 

That's what makes Salt Bae amazing. Your worries of having your meal too cold or overly salted have come to an end with Salt Bae's skill.

3. Wonderful Physique

I mean, hello, look at those thighs. Salt Bae doesn't take anything lightly and whether it is food or staying fit, he puts in his full effort. I sort of assumed he stayed in shape when I saw his massive biceps as he butchered steaks but never did I think he was this dedicated to his training. I'm sure he has no worries about being bikini body ready. I guess Salt Bae is like us and likes to burn off his calories after eating too.

4. Even Celebrities Noticed Him 

Leonardo DiCaprio lived out our dreams and went to Salt Bae's restaurant to see for himself what all of this talk was about. Leonardo made sure to maintain a low-key profile while dining in Dubai but fortunately Nusret made sure to document this major life event.

Salt Bae has also been seen talking to the notorious Tommy Hilfiger. Even Rihanna has been spotted wearing a t-shirt with a meme of Salt Bae. With such famous figures, like Leonardo and Rihanna, giving more attention to Salt Bae, it is clear that Salt Bae is one everyone should be obsessed with.  

5. His Sun Glasses

It is very rare that you find a video or picture of Salt Bae not wearing his black shades. The circular frames, the black lenses and gold sides add to the character of Salt Bae. Made by no other than Ray-Ban, you know Salt Bae is trustworthily trendy and he has the glasses to prove it. 

6. You Can See the Internet Sensation Yourself

Salt Bae has seven restaurants and for a small fee to Dubai or Turkey, you can taste Salt Bae's dishes yourself. In case you aren't feeling a heavy meal, not to worry, Salt Bae even makes burgers. How much better does it get?

Salt Bae is an inspiration to us foodies to strive for perfection in food. His techniques and passion for food brings out our shared love for food. He is an internet sensation and no matter what your meat preference is, you should be completely obsessed with Salt Bae.