Recently my sister has not been able to shut up about sunflower butter, which is like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds. She kept telling my friends and me how good it was and that we had to try it. I wasn't really listening for awhile because I didn't actually feel like buying it, or know how the heck I would use it. She said she ate it with fruit, but I, admittedly, don't tend to eat much fruit. I was definitely intrigued, but I never knew the right time to go for it. I was recently out and ordered an açaí bowl and I chose peanut butter for one of my toppings. They asked me if "SunButter" was okay, and I figured this must be sunflower butter. I was even more excited about my food now. When I got it, I loved the taste. If you like sunflower seeds and you like peanut butter, trust me on this, it's so good. It has the consistency and color of a peanut butter, but the sunflower seed taste is a bit different and more interesting.

After this experience, I eventually bought my own sunflower butter from the grocery store and decided I might as well get some berries to eat it with. This is now one of my new favorite snacks, and I should have listened to my sister earlier. This is also a great alternative to those with peanut allergies and can make for a peanut butter substitute. Honestly, the sunflower seed flavor almost makes it even better. Of course, there are so many types of "butters" nowadays, one of the common ones being almond butter, but sunflower butter is one that needs to be getting more attention. TRUST ME.

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Lily Allen

While sunflower butter contains around the same amount of fat as peanut butter, it is unsaturated, instead of saturated. It is also relatively low in sodium and contains no cholesterol, and has a good amount of protein. Sunflower seeds contain many important vitamins and minerals as well. While there are definitely health benefits to this, I'm a fan, simply because of the taste.

Two ways that I have tried sunflower butter were on my smoothie bowl and then on raspberries, both of which were delicious. You can also experiment with things that normally would be eaten with peanut butter, such as a sandwich, or vegetables.

I would recommend checking what stores sell sunflower butter, as it is not super common, as well as checking the prices ahead of time. A lot of grocery stores near me seem to sell it, such as Publix, Lucky's Market, and Trader Joe's. They do vary in price, depending on the store, so it's important to check on that if you don't want to spend extra money. I spent almost $10, not realizing I could get it for closer to $5. Like peanut butter, it also comes in both crunchy and smooth varieties.

After my experience with sunflower butter, my life feels more complete. I can't believe I what I was missing out on, and I hope that no one else misses out on this any longer. Do yourself a favor, and buy some damn sunflower butter.