We’re back with a new semester at GW, which means Spoon GW is recruiting! If you’ve got a burning love for food, we’ve got a burning love for you and want you to get involved with us.

We want new members who love writing, photography, videography and social media (besides food, of course) and are ready to work with a kick-ass team of foodies who are just as excited about free food as you are. Need some convincing? Here are a few reasons why you should Spoon with us.

1. Free food

GIF courtesy of adriennefromthefuture.tumblr.com

Every college student’s favorite two words. Partnerships with establishments like Swizzler, Cava and District Doughnut mean a great flow of free food. And how does free donuts and other goodies at meetings sound? Dope? We know. We’ve got you covered.

2. Meet your local foodies

Photo courtesy of @spoonuniversity on Instagram

We’ve got a team of foodies at your disposal for great food recommendations, recipes, and other food-related things. Go on foodie adventures, get that right food insta shot, up your food snap story game and make those food connections with Spoon.

We know what makes a good food insta, what makes a good cup of coffee and how quickly we need to get to that new food spot so don’t fight us, join us.

3. Get the inside scoop on DC’s food scene and more

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Where’s the best new brunch spot? Which food truck should you avoid? Which coffee place do you need to hit this weekend? Where should you take that girl on a date next week?

We’re always in on the food scene and everything that’s happening with it so come get in on it.

4. Improve your skills on…anything

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Spoon has got you covered for life. Learn how to take the perfect picture, interview a huge celebrity, write about things you love, bake a meringue, handle deadlines and so much more.

We hook you up with essential skills for life, even those unrelated to food – what are you waiting for?

5. Spoon Swag

Photo courtesy of @spoon_gw on Instagram

As a member of Spoon, you’ll be on the receiving end of some of the best swag you’ll find on the face of the earth. Stickers, S’well water bottles, t-shirts, bottle openers and so much more await YOU.

6. Make connections with established chefs

Photo courtesy of @spoon_gw on Instagram

From Swizzler’s founders to José Andrés, Spoon’s got you hooked with interviews, knowledge and one-of-a-kind experiences with these chefs.

Spend a day in the Swizzler food truck, watch an exclusive interview with José Andrés on campus, or even get an interview with one of DC’s best foodies – Sue-Jean Kang, founder of Emporiyum festival, what’s not to love?

7. Discover DC’s hidden gems

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DC is fast becoming one of the nation’s greatest cities to eat in and you’re not about to miss out on the opportunity of discovering some of the city’s newest gems.

With the help of Spoon and our team, you could be one of the first one’s to know about a great new place and have more places to adventure to around the city than ever.

8. Dope food festivals and events

Photo by Amanda Fung

We get crazy access to some of the best food festivals and events (most of the time for free too – this is becoming a recurring theme) in and out of DC like Brainfood in NYC and Emporiyum in DC.

9. Claim your fame

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Your photos, articles, videos and social media posts are going to be seen by thousands and some may even end up on websites like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, which means an instant audience.

10. It looks swanky on your resumé

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We’re in college now and let’s be real, we have to start thinking about life after college so why not pimp your resumé with something that you actually enjoy doing? Having Spoon on your resumé means showing your future employers that you’re dedicated, highly skilled, and responsible with your work.

You might even end up at Spoon HQ, who knows?