If you’re addicted to spin classes, I feel you. Spin gives you a great calorie burn and only in 50 minutes, so the benefits of spin are worth the pain you experience during a class. Also, the instructors know how to kick your ass in gear. However, it’s the waiting for a class at Concannon on PC’s campus, which raises the question, is a 50-minute spin class worth an hour and a half wait?


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Yes, I am guilty of waiting in the line, which forms for each class and seems like people get there a day before the class even starts, but I feel there is a solution to this problem. We ask to bring back the system the gym had last year, where you waited for a number.

Going back to the old system will give us that half an hour before class that we can use to work on building our abs and gain those six packs we will have this summer, rather than against a wall where our entertainment consists of watching boys who are trying to figure out how to use the weight machines while at the same time trying to impress us spin-goers who are waiting in line.

If you’re willing to wait in line


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I know, it’s a great workout, and if you are willing to wait in line, like I am some days, don’t forget headphones and a book, this way you can accomplish some of your homework while at the gym. Also, drag along some of your roommates, the class is always better when you have someone next you feeling the pain of 30-second sprints.


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There is a science as to when to get in line for a spin class during the week at Concannon. The classes, which are in the middle of the day, around noon, always have less people. You can get there around a half an hour before the class and should be able to get a bike. It is the late afternoon and night classes, which I suggest you should get there 50 minutes to an hour early for. At first, I thought the lines were starting so early because so many were working towards their new year resolutions, but they seem to be sticking around and don’t mind the wait time.

If you’re feeling intimidated


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I know spin can be intimidating, but don’t be scared of the classes. They may seem unapproachable because it’s the same people who go every week and know exactly how to be positioned on the bike and don’t break a sweat, and the line to get to class may seem daunting, but trust me, you can do it.

I have been spinning for over a year and I still have puddles formed under the bike once the class is over. It is a great class for those who do not want to work out alone and who want a challenging but fun workout. Yes, you will sweat a lot, but it will be worth it.

Hopefully enough people realize that if they stop going so early, others will do so as well and then the wait time will decrease. But if you are willing to, speak up, make it known the system needs to be changed. I am all for a system where we can sign up online, but that might be too complicated, but even the system last year was better as we had half an hour to work on our abs or strength training without having to worry we wouldn’t get a bike.

The spin instructors know their sh*t


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No matter what, I will give the spin instructors props – they know how to make the class not only a challenge, but they will make you feel like you accomplished something afterwards. You might want to swear at them during the class, but you will be thanking them when you start to see the change you were hoping for.


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For those who want to join me, I will be waiting in line, hoping for the days where the system allows us less time to wait and more time to work on our bikini bods, as we all know, spring break is closer than we think.