There comes a time during every good party when the inevitable happens: while the music is still blasting and people are still dancing, someone pulls out their phone, dials a number they know by heart, and orders a pizza. People gather around, cheering for the party hero and requesting toppings. Yet suddenly, all fall silent. People start to riot and a fist fight breaks out. Someone ordered pineapple.

Why must the divide between pineapple lovers and haters be split with the magnitude of the Red Sea? The answer comes down to something deeper than food preference. It’s about personality.

You see, there are two types of people in the world: the traditionalists and the adventurers.

The traditionalists think logically. They’ve argued that because pineapple is not a topping on "genuine Italian pizza," it can never be a topping on pizza at all.

Tradition is important to these folks. Every Thanksgiving they have a turkey dinner and they may or may not have believed in Santa Claus until they were 25 simply because of, well, tradition.

They like authenticity, and this shows in their personalities. They’re the what-you-see-is-what-you-get types. They tell it like it is because it’s just more efficient than beating around the bush. They'll tell you what they want and by doing so, they get things done. 

The pineapple lovers on the other hand, they’re an odd bunch. They’re the adventurers. The type to pack a backpack overnight and hitchhike across the country. Maybe they’ve eaten a live animal before. They’re experimental.

They challenge the societal norm and are unafraid of what may lie in the unknown. Your friend who took a year off to find himself in a remote country halfway across the world? Yeah, chances are he likes pineapple on his pizza.

These adventurers and pineapple lovers, they like to upset the tradition in all ways and, boy, are the traditionalists upset.

The pineapple versus non-pineapple argument is much more than a simple debate. It is an inherent difference in personality; a difference that defines our world every day. Because the world is made up of the traditionalists and the experimentalists and without them both, the world would simply not go round.