Earlier this month, Nintendo released a much-anticipated gaming console known as the Nintendo Switch.

Small but mighty, the Nintendo Switch can be used as a home console that connects to a television, disconnected from the television and played using its touchscreen capabilities (much like a tablet), or placed in tabletop mode where it can be used by multiple players at once.

Destined to be the life of your next house party, the Nintendo Switch is making successful waves as Nintendo’s 7th home video game console.

The Switch offers plenty of games to choose from. Players can interact with familiar characters from popular franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, or try out new games such as 1-2-Switch.

However, for some Nintendo fans, the Switch’s game cartridges have left a bitter taste in their mouths.

Remember when I called the console small but mighty? In order to fit inside the Switch, the dimensions of the game cartridges come in at approximately 35mm x 33mm x 3.8mm.

At such a small size, imagine how appealing it would be for young children or pets to stick the games in their mouths.

To combat potential choking hazards and the slew of upset customers calling to complain that their dog ate their game, Nintendo had a plan.

Nintendo has coated all of the Switch cartridges in denatonium benzoate, a non-toxic bittering agent. This bittering agent is commonly found in products such as Stop'n Grow that are placed on nails in order to prevent nail biting or thumb sucking.

As soon as word was released about the bitter flavour coating each game, the good people of the Internet decided to participate in their very own taste test.

Despite the wide range of games Switch offers, there's no range in flavour between the cartridges: each game tastes horrible.

Kudos to Nintendo for looking out for the safety of young children. The game cartridges might taste disgusting, but our gaming experience is mighty delicious.