Internet trends are generally funny for a couple of days and then go from 100 to 0 real quick. Most of us roll our eyes when the color changing dress comes up, but a chance to look at food porn is never unwanted. Enter the one-minute cooking video.

With the magic of the Internet, we have an entire repertoire of recipes at our fingertips for free. Between food blogs, fitness websites, and these short drool-inducing videos, you never have to spend a dime on recipes. What’s more, is that with these cooking videos we’re able to see exactly what our food is supposed to look like throughout the steps of the recipe.

You can easily identify where you’ve gone wrong, or not freak out questioning why yours is such a weird consistency partway through. These videos are the and if you’re not already a frequent viewer (do you live under a rock?) here’s why you should be.

1. They’re the only cookbook you’ll ever need

The truth of the matter is that no one really uses cookbooks anymore (sorry mom). You usually just google recipes if you don’t already have a Pinterest-inspired dinner plan, but this way there are dozens of amazing looking meals all in the same place that you can scroll through. Snack, dinner, brunch, dessert, what are you in the mood for? Take your pick, ‘cause you’ve got options.

 2. They actually motivate you to cook

cooking videos

Photo by Olivia Faria

As a college student, chances are that you’re new to cooking. That means you’re way more inclined to order in or buy prepared foods because it’s just easier. The dishes in these videos look tasty as hell and actually doable, so hell yeah you’re going to make it yourself. Good for you and your wallet.

3. The show you what really goes into your food

cooking videos

Photo by Sara Tane

Not that you were really worried before, but the thought has most likely crossed your mind. Now that you’re sort of kind of self-sufficient you care a little about what goes into your body (AKA your temple). Even if you’re just watching the video and not actually making the meal, you see exactly what a stick of butter and a cup of sugar look like instead of just reading it on a recipe. “Oohhh, that’s what’s in the cake mix that I add water and eggs to” – you during every baking video.

4. They bring out your inner chef

cooking videos

Photo courtesy of @sqdoughnuts on Instagram

All of the sudden you know what the word sauté means and you’re basically Gordon Ramsay. You’ve got some tricks up your sleeve and you can talk cooking with the best of them. Maybe you’re not into the sweet chili sauce they use in the stir-fry video, but you remember how to make a teriyaki sauce from another recipe and opt for that. You got mad cooking skills, ‘cause you fancy now.

5. You can convince your parents you’re good at adulting

cooking videos

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Hey, check out this meal with fresh foods and more than two ingredients. If that’s not adulthood I don’t know what is. And even if it’s just making Easy Mac fancy, at least I did something. Right?