With the New Year recently behind us, many people are going into 2018 with resolutions to eat healthier, stop snacking or eating sweets, or God forbid, cut out carbs entirely. To us foodies, this sounds like a nightmare. Rumors of alleged "superfoods" have made their way around from mouth to mouth, and grocery store to supermarket.  Hearing about superfoods makes us want to get our hands all over them and fill our diet with these so-called healthier foods. But I doubt anyone knows exactly what superfoods are all about.

What even are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that are nutritionally dense, meaning that they're heavy in the vitamin and nutrients categories. These foods can also add a health boost to your daily diet, and reduce the risk for health problems like memory loss and heart disease. 

Soooooo which foods are superfoods?

Most often, superfoods are thought to be plant-based foods—think fruits and vegetables—but now the tables have turned. Companies, like Living Intentions, have blessed us with new superfood products for our daily diets. If you promised yourself you'd eat healthily but just can't shake that craving for carbs, turn to superfoods because now you can get all the jam-packed nutrient value in the forms of cereal and popcorn

You mean I can eat carbs and still get health benefits? 

YES, YOU CAN! Your New Year no longer needs to start out in suffering as you longingly remember the times in which you ate carbs. This is because the benefits of activated superfoods have been packed into nut blends and trail mixes, with flavors like cacao crunch, berry smoothie, and malted maple, so you don't even have to silence your sweet tooth. 

A lot of people try to jumpstart their New Year by eating healthy or cutting out a food group that they love. Now, you no longer need to say goodbye to carbs, as you can eat as much popcorn as you want with activated superfood products. Say goodbye to a carb-free diet, and hello to superfoods!