Big claim from a medium sized YouTube channel.  However, this statement holds its merit when it comes to quality thanks to its enthusiastic host, Sonny Side.  

How I got to know Sonny 

I first came across Sonny's channel about 2 years when he shockingly gorged on the infamous balut, a developing bird embryo often consumed in the streets of the Philippines.  

The food scene was already overpopulated when Sonny's channel was beginning to develop. Channels like The Food Ranger and Mark Wiens began their channels a lot earlier, focusing on food-focused travel videos, exploring exotic food scenes in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and the Philipines. 

However, Sonny brings something unique to the over-saturated party, his eagerness to immerse himself in the culture he is exploring. His perspective is something I hold dear to my heart when I became interested in food. The best way to learn about a different culture is through the foods they eat. Sonny really strives to not only explore and eat, but learn about their way of life, their language, and traditions.    

His content 

Sonny travels mainly to Vietnam, but his energy extends onto other countries as well. He recently traveled to Korea, my home country, and introduced us to the wonderful foods Korea has to offer. 

What I love about Sonny is that he mainly exemplifies the simplicity of food.  He doesn't highlight the fancy and the pretentious foods of the country he visits. Instead, he focuses on the street foods.   

When he visited Korea, Sonny didn't focus on the extravagant and gourmet items like Hanwoo (Korean beef). He traveled along the people in Korea and feasted upon the common street foods, like chicken, rice cakes, and fish cakes.    

Sonny also has a palette for the weird. Like the balut he so shockingly introduced himself to me, he occasionally feasts on exotic foods that might be little off-putting to his western audiences. Some of his adventurous snacks include snakes, raw beef, and live octopus. 

His eagerness to learn and introduce his audiences with the positive energy is why Sonny Side is my biggest inspiration in the world of food media.