There are so many options when it comes to toppings for desserts. The one topping that makes your dessert worth eating are rainbow sprinkles. The often forgot about tiny shreds of color will instantly make your dessert better. Sprinkles, also called 'jimmies' were invented by Samuel Born, the creator of Just Born candy company (creator of Peeps, Mike and Ike's, and Hot Tamales). In the 1930s one of his employees James Bartholemew, known as "jimmy", operated the machine that created the colorful sugary spectacle. Over the years the name has evolved to what we know as sprinkles. Sprinkles now come in a variety of colors and flavors but the best kind of sprinkles are rainbow and here's why.

1. The Classic Ice Cream Topping

Lucy Lahr

When someone thinks of rainbow sprinkles they probably relate it to ice cream before anything else. Milk decorates their stores with sprinkle countertops to show their love for rainbow sprinkles and help customers get those insta-worthy photos.

2. The Trendy Cookie Dough

One of the newest dessert trends is edible cookie dough. Cookie Do NYC's funfetti cookie dough is filled with white and milk chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles put the 'fun' in funfetti!

3. Rainbow Sprinkle Covered Donuts

Lucy Lahr

Sprinkle covered donuts are a classic with icings like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry but Holey Cream in NYC has taken on a new twist with the addition of ice cream. You can create your own donut ice cream sandwich with whatever toppings, icings, and ice cream flavor you'd like. 

4. A Colorful Twist on a Classic Cookie

Schmakerys is known for their outrageously flavored cookies. Their funfetti cookie has sprinkles inside the sugar cookie and on top of the vanilla icing. We all know the classic chocolate chip cookie is good so why not try something more fun?

5. Cake Bursting with Sprinkles

This cake from the rainbow sprinkle themed Flour Shop bakery in NYC is a perfect example of how sprinkles make everything better.  This cake takes sprinkles to the next level. Who doesn't want a rainbow birthday cake bursting and covered in rainbow sprinkles? This colorful bakery also has mini versions of the cake if you are just looking for a fun-sized sprinkle covered treat. 

6. Cake Balls

The subtle touch of sprinkles on these cake balls make them an even more fun mini treat. Want to take the sprinkles a step further? Make them with funfetti cake mix and then you'll be sure to have the best dessert at the party.

7. A Spiced up Waffle

Waffles need a little color too! Sprinkles take one of your favorite breakfast items to a new level. Adding rainbow sprinkles and icing to a waffle can turn your bland breakfast into a dessert fit for the ultimate sugar lover. 

8. Rice Crispy Treats

Sprinkles make the traditional rice crispy treat even sweeter. Rice crispy treats are so easy to make and the fun addition of rainbow sprinkles makes them an even better treat for all ages.

9. Milkshake

Black Tap NYC is famous for their outrageous milkshakes that are basically full sized meals. This colorful birthday cake milkshake is coated with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles, filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a delicious slice of actual birthday cake. What more could you want

So, clearly rainbow sprinkles are the best dessert topping. They make eating a dessert even more fun, colorful and memorable. They are also one of the only free add-on toppings  at most ice cream shops and I don't know about you, but I never pass up something free, especially when it comes to food. Do yourself a favor and add sprinkles to your desserts. Trust me, it will change your life in a colorful way.