Potatoes, spuds or taters whichever name floats your boat. The thought of them already puts a smile on my potato-obsessed face. This starchy goodness is the very reason why I am in love with food. From as early as I can remember, potatoes have been my all time favorite food.

Stereotypes aside, being from Ireland many of my meals consisted of mashed potatoes, a meat and vegetable. The potato, of course, was the main contestant in the meal. It out-shines everything else on the plate because of its ability to be so versatile. There's a good reason the Irish through history are known to love the spud and much of it comes down to its affordability. Potatoes are a food that many people used to ensure their family had food in their stomachs.

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Emma Devlin

As I got a little older and started playing around with cooking potatoes, I saw the abundance of recipes that were out there for just potatoes. I was in potato heaven. I could literally eat potatoes all day if I was creative enough. Hash browns in the morning, fries for lunch, and mash for dinner. Solid meal plan right?

Now, I'm not suggesting you eat potatoes 3 times a day (although I do suggest that you try it for fun) but I am encouraging you to explore the numerous options you have with them.

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Amanda Shulman

Throughout the world, potatoes are loved and used in such different ways. They are one of the most affordable, accessible, and filling foods available. As college students, we talk about being a "poor college student" (which is a harsh reality we have to endure) but potatoes really are a solid option to incorporate into your meals on a budget. They offer variety and guaranteed satisfaction in almost anyway you prepare them. So, hurry on over to the grocery store and grab a sack of good old potatoes.