It's Friday night and the group chat is hot and ready to hit up the new Ramen place in town. Then, the dreaded but inevitable text from The Picky Eater. “I don’t think I like (insert any exotic sounding name)”. We’ve all been there and we’ve all made sacrifices to eat at the same basic town diner instead of trying the hot spots we’ve really wanted to got to. If you know the struggle of being friends with a picky eater, then you've come to the right place. And if you are a picky eater maybe you can relate to this lifestyle. As an adventurous eater myself I am here to tell you about the struggles of having friends who are picky eaters.

1. They live off Pizza, Pasta, and Sandwiches

The holy grail of carbs. Even though these are some of my personal favs, it's nice to want to try out the newest healthy option. But picky eaters usually want to stick with what they know.

2. They won't accept your bribes to pay for their food

Come on, I'll BUY you a meal just so you can try it. I think that even if I was a picky eater I'd do just about anything to get a free meal.

3. You can't take them for Sushi

Okay, this one I can kind of understand. I love seafood of all kinds, but there might be something weird about eating RAW fish.  Still, it can't hurt to try something once before ruling it out. But if you're a picky eater who really can't do fish, take a look at this Candy Sushi recipe that'll look like a sushi roll without the fishy taste!

4. Honestly you can't take them for Spicy foods either

Contrary to (un)popular belief, you probably won't die from eating spicy foods. But our picky eater friends might be a little dramatic sometimes. Pro tip for everyone: always have a bottle of Tums on hand for if that spicy food does start to upset your stomach.

5. They will complain that no one can decide on a restaurant

This one might be self explanatory. If the whole group agrees on one place for dinner except for the picky eater... Well, let's just say that if you really need help with decisions on where to eat, you can check out Spoon University any day of the week for great reccomendations.

6. We still love their friendship and their company on food dates

The biggest struggle about being friends with a picky eater is that you aren't willing to give them up based off of their food choices. At the end of the day you aren't going to give your friends up just because they don't appreciate food culture as much as you.

My advice: if you are an adventurous eater, make some friends who share your passion for trying new foods! That way you can always go back to the good old basics with your picky eater friends. And to all you picky eaters out there, you could be missing out on some of the best tastes of your lives. So go out there and give new foods a try!