If you’ve visited a supermarket recently, chances are you’ve seen the cartons of Oatly lined up in the non-dairy refrigerated section. Or, you’ve come across the storefront signs “We now offer oat milk” pop up at your local cafes. Regardless of whether you have experienced this or not, there’s no denying oat milk’s growing presence. Here are five reasons why oat milk should be on your radar.

1. Taste

As an oat milk drinker myself, I can attest to its amazing, milky flavor profile. While other dairy alternatives tend to taste strongly of the ingredient it was made from, oat is more neutral tasting. This means that it’s great to be drunk alone, paired with cereal, or used as a milk substitute in baking. Overall, oat milk is a super versatile ingredient with many uses. 

 2. Great Drink Compliment

Not only does it taste good, but oat milk is great with your morning coffees and teas. I personally love it in my bubble tea (whenever a tea shop offers it) and have noticed the difference in creaminess it brings to my drink. It is also incredibly accessible now that baristas all over the country have jumped on the oat milk bandwagon. Next time you order your iced latte, ask to sub with oat for a change. 

 3. It's Better for the Environment

For those of you trying to be eco-friendly, drinking oat milk can be a way to minimize your water footprint. According to a study done on the climate impact of beverages, oat milk production is more ecologically friendly than that of traditional and soy milk. Additionally, it takes 383% more water to produce one pound of almonds than one pound of oats.

4. It Fits Dietary Restrictions

Are you lactose intolerant? Have a nut allergy? Oat milk’s got you covered. It’s free of lactose, nuts, soy, and gluten, which are some of the major food allergens. It also contains no animal products, making it suitable for vegans.  

5. It's Good For You

This is not surprising given oats are one of nature’s superfoods. Fiber, protein, and vitamins are just some of the nutrients oat milk has. According to Medical Daily, beta-glucans, the soluble fiber in oats, lowers blood cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that a cup of oat milk contains 10% of iron you need daily. Not only is oat milk delicious and eco-friendly, but it’s healthy. Win-win situation.