While Oreo has released a lot of crazy flavors recently, they finally came up with a flavor that we have needed for years. A few weeks ago, the company gave the green light on the production of Dunkin' Donuts Mocha flavored Oreo, which will be here this summer. You heard that right: coffee and cookies are joining together to make a sugary and highly caffeinated masterpiece.

Why You Should Care?

Dunkin' Donuts says "America Runs on Dunkin,'" which is true, but more importantly, America runs on coffee, and I'm not just saying that. It's the truth. America is the largest consumer of the magical brown bean with about 83 percent of adults in America consuming it on a regular basis. 

Now, instead of crashing after gorging yourself over a pack of Oreos, you can feel slightly energized and ready to pull an all-nighter, or maybe not because you know, that's a lot of sugar and caffeine. 

How Much Sugar And Caffeine Is Actually In It?

While the amount of caffeine in the cookies is not specifically stated, we do know that Oreo uses instant coffee in order to get the "mocha" flavor, which honestly surprised me. Wouldn't they want something a little stronger than instant coffee to really give it a nice coffee flavor?

In terms of sugar, two cookies have 13 grams of sugar along with 21 grams of carbohydrates. Sadly, this means I definitely would not recommend eating this for breakfast.

The Verdict

Based on the nutritional aspects of these cookies, they probably wouldn't wake you up like a nice, strong cup of coffee would. Of course we'd have to taste test it to tell for sure, though. 

While Oreo has had its ups and downs with some of the bizarre flavors they've recently come up with, this is definitely one to look forward to this summer!