Last season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we discovered that the Kardashian clan is not as up on the trends as we had once perceived them to be. Neither Kris, Kourtney, or Kylie knew what a kumquat was or how to eat one. *see clip below*

"Oh it's disgusting"-Kris Jenner. Okay, so clearly these fruits aren't for everyone. But they gained Kylie's approval-so they're definitely still worth a try!  As warmer days approach, it is time we all become enlightened on this ~trendy~ yet super nutritious fruit that just might become your go-to this summer.

WTF is a Kumquat?

Kumquats basically look like mini oval oranges. They have a sour citrous kick in the inside, while the peel of the kumquat is sweet and tasty (Yes- the peel is 100% edible). When the fruit is eaten whole, the clashing of these two contrasting flavors creates an surprising, yet delicious combinations of flavors.

How to Eat a Kumquat:

Kumquats are best when eaten raw and in one bite- this way the two flavors of the center and the peel can be enjoyed together. 

For some, the sour citrus taste of the center of the kumquat is too much to handle, (*cough cough* Kris Jenner). Surprisingly, there is an interesting hack for this. If you roll the kumquat between your thumb and pointer finger, the sweet citrus flavor of the rind into the rest of the fruit, making it overall sweeter. 

While many enjoy to eat kumquats simply on their own, they can also be easily incorporated into salads, or infused into water for an added burst of flavor. 

Why They Rock:

(Other than being delicious and super fun to eat)

1. Perfect for Beach Snacking:

   Looking for a guilt-free easily packable snack for the beach? Look now further than these little orange orbs. These fruits are typically packaged in plastic containers (like strawberries or blueberries come in), this means you can easily just throw the whole container in your beach bag or cooler and be good to go. Plus, because you can just pop these in your mouth and eat them whole, there is no need for preparing, slicing, or packing a knife and cutting board. Easy-peasy. (However, if you are looking for some greater effort yet tasty beach snacks see this).

     Plus, this exotic fruit is super good for you. No need to stress while eating this in a bathing suit. These bad boys will send you right on your way to your dream #beachbod. Kumquats are high in fiber, low in calories, and have significant carb content-- meaning these fruits will be a friend to all people trying to lose weight. The fiber and carbs will fill you up while the low calories (only 13 calories per kumquat) keep your caloric intake low. 

2. Leads to Weight Loss: 

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The combination or high fiber, high water content, low calories, and high carbohydrate content will fill you up while still keeping you healthy, and reduce your urge to overeat. For this reason, kumquats are ideal for people trying to lose weight. (Click here for other foods that will help shed some pounds) 

3. Leads to Stronger Hair and Teeth:

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 Kumquats, like other citrus fruit contain lots of vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients such as calcium and potassium that contribute an beneficial effect to the texture, oiliness, and strength of your hair. These same nutrients are also believed to be beneficial to your teeth (keeping them strong and healthy). 

4. Enhances Energy Level:

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Kumquats are loaded with carbs (16 grams per 100 grams of the fruit). Despite carbs having a "bad rep", this nutrient is essential for replenishing our energy reserves (especially in highly active people). The added carbs give us an added burst of energy in our diet, while still being low-calorie, making them perfect for pre/post workout or pool days. In addition, these fruits also have a high level of riboflavin, which is a key vitamin used in energy production and further increases our energy boost.

5. Other Benefits:

Immune System: Kumquats, being rich in vitamin C help to stimulate the growth of new cells and increase our immune system activity to protect our bodies from foreign invaders, infections and bacteria. These factors also lead to improved healing. 

Skin Health: The appearance and feel of our skin can be slightly improved with the addition of this fruit to our diet due to its combination of antioxidants and vitamins. The nutrients in kumquats aid in protecting the skin from the cancerous effects of the sun, as well as heal the negative effect of free radicals (protecting you from wrinkles, age spots, and rough skin). 

Digestive: The high amounts of fiber found in kumquats help to regulate the digestive tract and cleanse your system. Just 8 kumquats contain 10 grams of fiber (which is nearly half of the daily recommendation fiber. (Need additional help getting this fiber? check this out).

Vision Booster: Kumquats are a rich source of Vitamin A and beta carotene, which have effects on vision and eyesight, in a way that is similar to the effects of carrots.

Go get them while they're here!

While most sources report kumquat season to be between November and March, these fruits can still be found in select grocery stores during mid-late summer. So keep your eyes peeled and get your hands on these fruits for their many nutritional benefits, delicious taste, portability, or at the very least to give to your friends and laugh at their surprised sour face.