Ever take a bunch of pictures of your food... but don't really have anywhere to share it? Ever cook something AMAZING... but don't know who'd want the recipe? Ever think about being the next Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay or the guy behind the camera... but don't know where to go? Check out Spoon University at Stevens Institute of Technology!

Kangan Kansal

Spoon University's Stevens Institute of Technology chapter is here and we want you to join us! Spoon University is a community of enthusiastic and dedicated foodies and we hope to unite like-minded students at Stevens to join the crew!

Spoon University is a food and health publication written by college students and for college students with chapters all over the world! The Spoon University chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology will work to publish content with the ultimate goal of sharing healthy, easy and delicious ways of living to the Stevens community and beyond! As the chapter begins to grow, the goal is to do EVEN MORE including holding events and partnering with service driven organizations to make a difference.

Alex Frank

We are looking for...

1. Warm, Wholesome, Writers to write and publish articles as well as help edit others' articles

2. Palatable, Piquant, Photographers to take photos that the whole Spoon Community can use to tell their stories as well as your own

3. Very Invigorating Videographers to make videos that can range from how-to's to ones that capture a street market in New York City!

4. Marvelous, Mixed group of Marketers to promote Spoon on campus by means of social media, recruitment sessions, and planning events. Be the connection between the audience and content creators.

As you can see, each team will have to work closely together!

We are looking for members, but also directors to be in charge of each team! If you have a vision and also are an expert in that field, we encourage you to apply! Applications for members are rolling, but director applications will be due Saturday, November 11th 11:59PM. Apply here!

Gail Rabasca

What's in it for you?


1. Find Something New

Explore the restaurants you never knew about/passed by but never made time to check out. Hoboken might seem small, but boy are there many places to grab a bite around here! Who knows, maybe you'll find the next amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Veronica Kampfe

2. Find Your Voice!

Hey, we're at a tech school and sometimes we forget how important writing is! Here's a great way to practice writing about something delicious and that you love! Or use those tech skills to capture something beautiful! And then best of all SHARE IT with the world!

Caroline Knight

3. #BestFoodiesForLife

Meet foodies just as extra and CONSUMED with food as you are!!! 

cake, beer
Clarissa Chen

At the end of the day, a lot of us are guilty of snapping a few photos of our meals before digging in. But why be guilty? Be PROUD and join a community that will not only help you to learn and enhance your media skills, but will also share a common goal: to use these skills to share our foodie knowledge and also a piece of beauty (aka that glorious slice of cheesecake you had for dessert last night) with the world.

To join Spoon University at Stevens Institute of Technology, apply here and feel free to reach out with any questions! 

Don't be afraid to take whisks :^)

Emily DiNuzzo