In a world of free choice, college students are roaming through the Star Market, Walmart, and Whole Foods daily. Instead, they should get off the beaten path and visit a small Italian Deli, or a Salumeria, to get their meat and cheeses. Despite not offering a mammoth amount of brands and options, Salumerias do offer products of a much higher quality than the supermarket. Plus, it is also a dreamland for aspiring chefs! 

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should be visiting Italian Delis 

1. Authentic Italian Meats

Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

From Pancetta to Salami, Salumerias have all the essential ingredients for your next pasta dish! These meats can't be found in regular supermarkets, and are directly imported from Italy. Furthermore, the quality of these cold cuts absolutely trump the packaged Pepperoni that you find at your usual grocery store.


Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

Cheese is what makes the world go round. If you are a fan of this majestic creation, Salumerias will never let you down!

Offering an array of imported cheeses from Italy, Italian Delis ensure that the smell of it already hits you as you walk in, which is an experience in itself. The Salumist will even guide you on which cheeses to buy according to your tastebuds, and the cheeses that are traditionally used for all types of Italian recipes. 

3. Super Craveable Italian Subs 

Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

Given the quality of products that Delis have at the store, you can be ensured that their Italian Subs are the best of the best!

At Salumeria Italiana in Boston's North End, you can pick from a variety of sandwiches such as the Panino alla Porchetta (Roast Pork) and La Donna, which consists of Caprese, Prosciutto, and Basil. 

4. Fresh Pasta 

Salumeria Italiana also makes their pasta fresh every day. This ensures that the pasta will have the best possible chew factor when cooked aldente. 

Buying freshly made Spaghetti can instantly level up your pasta game, and allow you to have restaurant-quality meals at home for just a fraction of the price!

5. Homey Feel 

Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

Most Salumerias are family businesses, which definitely provide a more friendly and home-like atmosphere. 

You will always be greeted with smiles and be given expert cooking advice at Salumerias, which are uncommon occurrences at supermakets. These people actually want you to go home happy, and enjoy your food.  

By buying from your local Salumerias, you will not only be supporting family businesses, but will also be receiving top quality products that will propel your food experience to the next level! 

Whether you are an aspiring chef, or just someone who is in love with Italian food, you must start visiting Salumerias on the regular.