First things first, I'm 20 and too young to drink. Here's the thing, I don't have to; I don't go to u(sic)ga! 

I am a second year at Georgia Tech and loving every minute of it. Over 130 years of traditions has a way of making a student proud. Perhaps my favorite tradition can be described in just 3 words: "Clean, Old-fashioned Hate."

That's right — the infamous GT vs UGA rivalry— better than any other rivalry out there (yeah, I'm looking at you UF v FSU). There's something thrilling about my entire family rooting for u(sic)ga  when I (and sometimes my mom) cheer for GT. 

The main difference among those who root for UGA instead of GT is that the Georgia fans almost always have a beer in hand while the Georgia Tech fans do not. Although this matches what happens most commonly at each respective stadium, I think it's absurd and that it is better to be sober at GT than drunk at UGA.

Drunk at u(sic)ga

I haven't personally been drunk at a Georgia game, but I can't help but think that'd be the only way I could make it through. UGA fans are known amongst the entirety of Georgia as being the absolute most difficult to be around. I have some family that will literally "woof" when UGA scores, even if the babies are asleep. If this happens at my house, I can't imagine what happens at Sanford Stadium.

Recently, two of my family members won tickets to a UGA game. From the time they made it to the outside of the stadium until they stumbled and fumbled into the gates, they were drinking. They weren't alone in the excessive drinking, but that's the point. Practically everyone outside of the stadium was shotgunning a beer or playing an impossible-to-lose game of beer pong.

By the time they were entering the stadium, one of the two was just about limp, unable to walk. He even texted his wife, "I'm too frunk (sic) to test (sic)." He began to have a hangover towards the end of the game and ended up having kind of a sh*t time. 

To me, that just sounds miserable. The joy of football games is getting to cheer with everyone around you, not cringing every time they get loud because you have a hangover.

Sober at GT

I'm an expert in this field. My freshman year, I was a part of the SWARM — Tech's student section — and it was one of the best parts of my first year. There was such a huge sense of camaraderie and friendship as my roommate and I were packed like sardines on the front row with all of the other committed students who got to the gates 3 hours early.

beer, pizza
Tyndal Mitchell

There was no time or place for alcohol, but the thing is, none of us needed it. We were having too much fun in the moment to drink anything other than water to stay hydrated

My story doesn't stop there. As a second year, I decided to opt out of SWARM, not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I wanted to try and go to some games with my family.

My mom and I have been seated all over Bobby Dodd, usually just going wherever the seats were the cheapest.

One time, though, we were given seats that sat about 15 rows up from the field, on the 40 yard line. We were surrounded by a very different crowd from what I was used to from the previous year.

The people around us were very wealthy alum who had season tickets for some of the best seats in the stadium. Even still, I had so much fun being around them, hearing all of the old alum yelling, "To Hell With georgia (sic)!"

One of the main reasons I chose Georgia Tech is because I didn't want to go to UGA, and I still stand by that. Watching football at Georgia Tech sober is like no other, and I wouldn't want to miss out on it for anything — even an easier degree.

From me and Buzz: #THWg
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Tyndal Mitchell