Let's get this right: a little bit of Christmas never hurt anyone. You might have to deal with invasive relatives and last-minute Christmas shoppers crowding up the streets, but in the end, there's far too much joy to stay grumpy during this season! 

1. The Atmosphere

Hennie Xing

There can't be Christmas without love, and there can't be Christmas without sharing. Whether you decide to spend this heart-warming holiday with your family, your friends or with your neighbours, the important thing is that you surround yourself by people who love you and support you. 

I might be sentimental about this, but if you live away from home, you'll know the impatience and joy of meeting up with your friends and family after a long time. Bonus points if you have a pet waiting for your return at home — be ready for the official season of hugs and kisses.

Emma Devlin

For too many years Christmas has been about the family and family only, but if you find joy and fulfilment in other activities, follow your heart (and grab a mug of mulled wine on the way!). London offers so many options for families, couples, groups and the single person that you'll only have to pick one.

2. The Food

Hennie Xing

Let's be realistic — most of the hype for Christmas comes from the food. Chocolate, gingerbread men and houses, turkey and gravy, seafood, tofu, seitan and whatever you want will be on the table tonight. There is no right food to eat on Christmas Day, aside from the food you love and makes you feel good.

Make your tummy happy and organise in advance what you are going to eat during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Maybe it's just me, but I've already started texting my mum about all the food I want to make with her as soon as I land home for the holidays!

candy, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

If you have guests, try to remember what they like and what their diets are. You can also ask them to bring something they love to share with other people. Your annoying cousin might surprise you with some striking mashed potatoes after all (if not, just grab another cup of mulled wine. It'll help, I promise!).

#SpoonTip: nowadays you can find free-from and vegan versions of basically everything, from gingerbread men to gravy. Be mindful and bring joy to your loved ones this Christmas!

3. The Entertainment

Hennie Xing

There's something about seeing the city shine with lights that makes me feel 5-years-old again. If you're in London, try not to miss out on the lights switch-ons. They might sound pointless, but if you're anything like me, you'll feel overwhelmed by the excitement of the people all around you waiting for the decorations to light up in the dark, cold London sky.

London hosts several switch-on events (all free) every year, located at various places such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden. Be sure to add the events in your agenda and bring your friends with for a Christmassy night of shopping — because it's never too early for Christmas shopping either. 

Hennie Xing

You'll also find a magic atmosphere at the Southbank Centre, where aside from the lights you'll be able to roam the Christmas markets and the Rekördelig cider lodge, where you can stop by for a hot drink and a raclette, as Santa would.

The Truth

Hennie Xing

Leicester Square markets, Winter Wonderland, the Old Vic hosting Christmas plays... I could go on forever. The truth is that people love Christmas — yes, even the people complaining that it's too early for mulled wine, Christmas songs and beautiful (you heard me) Christmas jumpers.

You can't get people to hate Christmas, because Christmas is about everyone: it's about love, food, fun and precious memories. If you think it's never too early to show people you love them and care about them, grab two cups of eggnog and find a friend to share them with.