Homemade baked goods are an absolute treat. Who doesn’t enjoy food, such as muffins, fresh out of the oven? As muffins are great for breakfast, they are also delicious for snacks, party, or simply a grab-and-go option. However, you probably utilize your muffin pan pretty infrequently and most likely only use it to bake muffins or cupcakes.

Other than the classic baked goods, the pan is actually quite versatile when it comes to other food, such as pizza bites, frozen smoothie, and more. You should put your muffin pan to good use, because you will be amazed at what it can do with your food and how it is easy to clean. Basically, you will fall hopelessly in love with your muffin pan(s).

Why Muffin Pans?

1. Make more variety of desserts to share

Whether you want some molten chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, or pies, you sure will be having a sweet time with these desserts.

2. Make mini savory bite size versions

Your guests will thank you for these appetizing mini treats of tortilla bowls, pizza bites, lasagna, and more. 

3. Make classic on-the-go snacks

Abbie Hui

Next time you want to make your own brunch or some on-the-go snacks, be sure to invite your muffin pan and make some egg muffins, croissants, and oatmeal bites.

4. Freeze oversized ice cubes

These giant cubes will take longer to melt and your drinks will be happily chilling.

5. Freeze portions of food and drinks

Freeze your food and drinks, such as soup, smoothie, yogurt and cups. Your life will be less stressful and less messier later. Be sure to thank yourself and the muffin pan. 

6. Use as a holder

Running out of bowls or trays to put your food? Use the muffin pan as a neat condiment holder or as a tray of ingredients for a recipe. 

Did you know that you can adapt ANY muffin recipe to a mini muffin recipe?

And when to use either of them really depends on you and on the occasion. When you want to make more treats for your guests, grab a mini size muffin pan to deliver mini muffins aka the adorable versions of regular muffins. They are awesome nibbling food! 

I recently invested in a mini muffin pan (totally worth it) and realized some differences between regular and mini size muffin pans. With mini muffin pans: 

1. More bang for your buck

These one-bite treats are perfect for party guests to nibble on as they are about one third the size of regular muffins. With the same amount of batter for a dozen cupcakes, you do the math, bake, and have many more to share. 

2. Same oven temperature as given in the original instructions but shorter baking time

Mini muffin pans usually take shorter baking time to make your delicious food. Hooray! P.S. remember to keep an eye on the clock. 

3. Less mix-ins

Small size does not mean less flavor. But it is best to get lots of flavor in the batter, so you can skip the mix-ins. Small pieces of fresh fruit do work quite well in a mini muffin, but beware that they might fill up the entire muffin mold. 

#SpoonTip: Chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts are great mix-ins. Swirls of Nutella, peanut butter or jam also work. 

4. No liners

You will be doing the environment a huge favor by not using liners, and they are not needed for your one-bite treats. Greasing the pan with oil or butter is perfectly fine and makes it easy to remove these muffins from the pan. As you definitely will be eating more than one muffin, the discard of liners does add up, so why not save everyone from the headache of unnecessary trash.

Be impressed with how regular and mini pans are easy to clean and simple to use. What makes muffin pans so great is the food you can effortlessly and versatilely make or store in them.