If you're curious about joining Spoon HKU, here's a short checklist of questions to ask yourself:

Like food? Check ✔

Card carrying student at HKU? Check ✔

Like social media, photography, leadership, fun events?

Check ✔

If your answers to all those were ‘yes’, you should definitely join HKU’s very own chapter of Spoon University! That's right, this is your chance to become part of the first ever Spoon chapter based in the wonderful Hong Kong. Our Spoon HKU team is a group of foodies dedicated to sharing delicious dishes (healthy choices included) and bombin' lifestyle advice with students. If you need some more convincing, hear us out:

It’s a good excuse to go on taste-testing journeys around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is pretty famous for it’s East-meets-West history, and that makes for a one of a kind cuisine. What’s more, there’s food fit for people from all walks of life. From Cha Chan Teng tea sets under $30 to high tea at The Peninsula, there's something out there for everyone. Just think of Hong Kong as your personal food paradise, ready to be explored (more like devoured), and Spoon HKU as your guiding map.

You can level up your professional life

Just think about it, you can learn to enhance your publication skills (writing articles, filming videos) AAAAND your leadership and management skills (managing events, hardcore promoting). Being a part of Spoon HKU gives you a chance to work on stories as well as create content that matters to you and truly interests you. You’ll have some solid work to show off on your resumes! Plus, Spoon HKU is gonna give you the opportunity to build connections by meeting new friends and networking in a chill, fun environment.

You can learn something new about yourself

We think that becoming a contributor for Spoon HKU is gonna give you a nudge in new directions. By stepping out of your comfort zone and giving yourself the opportunity to be curious and creative, you’re gonna learn a lot more about yourself. Maybe you learned some genius lifehacks by trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you experimented in the kitchen and found out that cauliflower tastes better in soup form. Or maybe, like me, you found out that you actually, really like pickles. (Huh) Dig deep, the possibilities are endless. #diditforthespoon 

You’ll go down in history

Like we said earlier, Spoon HKU is officially the first chapter based in Hong Kong. That’s right! You can potentially be part of the OG Hong Kong based Spoon community and help it thrive. We think that it would be an incredible experience for you to link up with us and become part of something that will continue to grow long into the future.

So. What do ya think, do all of the above sound appealing to you? If you’ve answered yes once again, you might as well go ahead and join Spoon HKU already! Click here, or go to http://spoonuniversity.com/apply to get involved with the food, friends and fun that’s waiting for you.

Welcome to the team!