Channel surfing is really just you hoping your favorite show is on. For me, Chopped is that show, and I know I am not alone. I could sit on my couch at home, in front of a blazing fire, drinking a glass of wine on a Friday Night and watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of Chopped. 


Whether you agree with me or not, there are unforgettable moments in Chopped, which make it one of the best TV shows. 

Introduction Of The Chefs

Every time they introduce the chefs, it reminds me of The Hunger Games. I first see where they work and hope that I have been to the restaurant. Most of the time its a no, but deep down I always hope and make sure I go there eventually. 

This is when I start making my bets with my mom or friends who is going to get chopped first and who is going to win. Most of the time I am wrong, but it's always fun and exciting. 

The Mystery Baskets

broccoli, aliment, pepper, tomato, cucumber, garlic, vegetable
Photo courtesy of Food Network

Opening up the baskets to see what ingredients the chefs will be using, is almost as good as opening up your presents on Christmas morning.

Who knows what could be inside! 

The most random foods are pulled out of that basket and it makes you tilt your head to the side and say, "HUH?". But every time, somehow, the chefs know exactly what to do with the ingredients to create an "unforgettable dish".

Creating The Dish

sweet, pancake, pastry, berry, crepe, strawberry, cake, syrup, cream, jam
Photo by The Food Joy

Now I'm not talking about the chefs right now... I'm talking about me and everyone else who thinks they're a chef. I sit on my couch, sippin' my Pino Grigio pretending that I am an Iron Chef and create a meal of my own in my head, as if I know what I'm doing.

Creativity is a major component in creating an unforgettable dish to get contestants the $10,000 prize and the chefs don't take that lightly. 

The Judges

Aka, the best people on the show. These three powerful people have the skills and knowledge of how to critique a dish. I know I'm not alone when I say that I would do anything to be a judge on a cooking show. Who wouldn't want to get paid to taste meals from world class chefs?

From Alex Guarnaschelli, to Scott Conant, to Chris Santos and Amanda Freitag, they are the faces of this amazing show. 

The Countdown

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 times up, please step away from your dishes. WOAH, talk about stress.

The final seconds of the rounds are both the best and worst part of the show. This is when your stomach drops, you begin to yell at the TV and you're praying no one misses an ingredient on their dish. You also know you're not alone, the judges are just as worried as you are.

Is it just me, or when someone last minute finishes you clap for them, as if they can really hear you...

Ted Allen 

Obviously, I saved the best for last. Ted Allen is the icon of this show and never fails to keep it interesting. His dry sense of humor never fails to entertain and keep the suspense going. Ted, if you're reading this, please never change. 

Although Netflix took Chopped off their website (not cool), I still always find ways to watch and admire the creativity that is within people. One day my children will be on Chopped Junior, but until then, I will gladly stick to the couch with my wine and puppies, admiring the chefs hard work and talent.