So you all must be thinking, what in the world is hot pot? Is it like a hot plate but with a pot? Put simply, it’s an East Asian pot of broth that you cook with a burner in the middle of the table. Once you’ve got your broth settled, all you have to do is cook whatever ingredients you want inside and let it simmer. Then voila!

Fun fact: It’s also known as steamboat in parts of Southeast Asia. Honestly, I just call it a one pot wonder.

Here’s a glimpse of what it is:

Hot pot

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Now that you understand, let’s me tell you why hot pot is such a one pot wonder.

Limitless Options

Hot pot

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Hot pot is amazing to me because of the endless choices of broth flavour and ingredients. The flavour of the broth varies depending on your family, friends, or even which part of the world you are in. You can have it spicy, plain, salty, etc. You just need to find the right herbs and stalk of your preference which will then enhance the flavour of the assorted ingredients.

Hot pot

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Also, you can dump anything into it. Mushrooms, seafood, meat, vegetable, noodles, or tofu. Heck, you can even dump pig blood curd inside, if you so choose.

Easy Meal

Hot pot

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Hot pot is also one of the easiest meals to make. All you have to do is buy a big pot, get a broth stalk and mix it with water, and then heat it up. Then dump whatever ingredients you want inside, wait for it to cook, and let the magic happen. With that, you’re set for a hearty meal. You can even keep the leftover broth for another meal for the next few days. An easy, hearty meal is always a yes for me.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Hot pot

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Need a solid meal for a casual outing with friends? A dinner date? A spontaneous girls’ night out? Or an annual family dinner?

Hot pot’s got you covered! Not only is it such an easy dish to make, it’s the perfect dish for a great bonding experience. You guys just have to get along because not only are you all sharing a meal, but you’re cooking your food together in a shared pot. So guys, get together and bond. Figure out what works and compromise.

Comfort Food

Hot pot

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This is obvious but I have to emphasize it. Hot pot is just too glorious. Whether you’re down because you had a bad day or just need something warm for the winter, (especially if you’re in Canada) hot pot is the ultimate cozy and comforting dish. Just like any other warm meal, hot pot keeps your tummy happy and full, which makes you happy.

Still not convinced by this pot? Well, head down to your local hot pot restaurant, try it out and I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced that it’s a one pot wonder.